Why is Atlanta Represented as a Symbol Called the Phoenix? – University of Atlanta Explore Educate Evolve Campaign

We all love this mythological Egyptian bird called the Phoenix. But have you ever wondered that what is the relation between this magical bird and the city of Atlanta?

University of Atlanta has launched this new campaign where we will share the most amazing facts just about everything with our students worldwide. There are hidden glorious yet knowledgeable facts about things that we see every day but don’t get time to search about the history behind them. We strive to make learning interesting for our students all around the world. With University of Atlanta Explore Educate Evolve campaign let’s make learning an exploratory rendezvous!!

Phoenix the Magical Bird

In Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix is a long-lived bird that is constantly renewed, reborn and regenerated, Magical isn’t it!? It is associated with the sun, a phoenix gets new life by arising from the ashes of its ancestor. But there are a few versions where this mythical bird expires. According to some myths, the phoenix could live over more than a thousand years before its rebirth.


Why is Atlanta represented as a symbol called the Phoenix?

Atlanta is represented as a symbol of the mythological Egyptian bird called the Phoenix. Here is why!?

A historic fire incident that was purposely set to destroy the city justifies the symbol. Atlanta, like the Phoenix, rose from the ashes to become a powerful city.

Atlanta rose from the ashes

Atlanta is all about return, renewal and rebirth just like its symbol – The Phoenix. Although most people know that the city burned during the Civil War, few of even her own present citizens are aware that the city suffered another shocking fire incident in 1917. So Atlanta has factually risen from the ashes not once, but twice.

No wonder that the legendary phoenix was adopted as a symbol for the expanding city. Established as a railroad hub, the city suffered through the Civil War, led the way during the civil rights movement, became a transportation phenomenon, and rose to greatness.

Unfortunately, until recently, the powers that be and the citizenry placed too little value on preservation, and much significant historic architecture was lost. Today, saving historical buildings is still a challenge.

Although the Fraklin Garrett – Former official historian once said –

“In Atlanta, there’s nothing they wouldn’t tear down to make a parking lot. The only thing in the Atlanta area that never has been moved is Stone Mountain.”

Most of the stunning buildings in today’s intense, breath taking and beautiful skyline are less than thirty years old. Therefore, despite the city’s antebellum roots, Atlanta looks and feels vibrant and lively and is constantly reinventing and modernizing itself.

There’s a reason why students of University of Atlanta feel privileged to be a part of such a great city and studying in the university which had a strong historical back ground. Like Atlanta our motto is to “never give up” get up and never let anything come in your way.

Live your life, follow your passions and achieve your dreams. Explore! Educate! Evolve!


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