Here Is How You Can Get Everything Done on the Same Day

Successful people are those who not only have the ability to get things done but have the ability to get everything done right in minimum time. So what’s their secret? How are they able to get everything done when others fail?


Well, the answer is that they keep themselves ‘organized’. University of Atlanta has compiled the following list through which you too can unclutter your work life.

Morning Routine

Start your day with the thought of how you are going to approach the entire day.  Your time is important so start your day early, make your bed, get a healthy breakfast, pack your paperwork and make sure you have your phone charged.

Workspace Routine

On your desk, less is always more and in an environment where time is everything you need to keep everything on your desk organized so time is not wasted looking for things. It is also important that you don’t stop with your desk and ensure that your entire workspace provide you a distraction and clutter free room to excel in your work.

Work Routine

The first thing you need to do after reaching your office is to prioritize your work. Identify what matters most and develop a discipline. Before you start anything know that you have to get it done right and know the time you will take to complete it. Planning for the time you will take to complete it before you start makes you to do it without any stress and also leaves you time to make last-minute adjustments if needed.

Email Routine

Set a routine to check your emails by developing a system of limits according to your workload and job role. If that is five times a day, you need to develop a schedule for that. Moreover, you need to set a time limit you will spend every time you will look into your mailbox and follow it strictly.

Problem-Solving Routine

Every day will come with new problems and you need to be prepared. Don’t spend too much time thinking on the problem rather keep your focus on finding the solutions. Create simple yet realistic solutions, according to the nature and urgency of the problem. Always make efforts to keep your mind relaxed and untangled when you are searching for a solution.

Self-Development Routine

Set aside some time every day for your self-development because the time you spend on yourself is most important. Keep on improving yourself and never stop building effective habits.

Evening Routine

Your evening time should be your time to relax, reflect on what you did today and also to prepare for your next day. Remember no one is born organized and to get things done you need an uncluttered life that will not only save you time but improve the overall quality of your life.

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Right Hobbies to Boost Your Career Prospects

It’s no secret that more companies are now hiring for cultural fit in an effort to capitulate higher performing candidates. As one study from the prominent University of Atlanta’s analysis and research center discovered that, many employers are now bringing focus to a candidate’s hobbies and analyze their personality accordingly. In fact, many employers indicated that these hobbies and benefits candidates more than experience and qualification when selecting an individual for a job.

You might think that having skills is what really attracts an employer, and hobbies carry no credibility, but if you’re a job seeker, this means that you may want to take up a hobby or two in order to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers and boost your employability –Pick hobbies that would add up to your strength, It all depends on what type of personal strengths you’re looking to showcase!  University of Atlanta experts in career counseling have short listed a few hobbies that would elevate your strength and benefit your standing in the industry.


Outdoor Sports

Hobbies like cycling, running or swimming would suggest that the person has strength and power. It would be the exact quality that would be required for a person who is looking for a career in sales or business development.

Adrenaline Rush

Mountain climbing, scuba diving, skydiving and mountain cycling are high risk taking activities, this clearly states that the person has a risk taking personality and he is not afraid to experience new and exciting things. These people are leaders that will give a major impact in their resume and personality.

The Creativity in You

Hobbies such as painting, photography and cooking, these hobbies clearly brings out the creative side of you. This kind of people are a best fit for social media, marketing, design and Public relations. Your hobbies truly reflect your characteristics.

Group Sports
Team sports such as hockey, cricket, football or dodge ball  shows off that you are a team player and your can very well work with the people around you, and this quality is useful in every team based environment and people having such qualities are desirable and well appreciated in every organization.

Mind Bending Strategic Games
Games like Chess,  Sudoku and Backgammon classifies that you enjoy thinking strategically,  these kind of people are a best-fit in industries where policy makers, developers, and strategic formulation is the key factor for the required  vacancy for e.g. planning based role.

Creative writing

If you own a personal blog where you share information such as blogging, poetry and short stories you are the best fit for in places such as content writing, communications or writing editors. This type of skill is extremely appreciated for editorial arrangements, public relations positions with a prominence on communications, or social media-type roles.

Important Note – Don’t Fake a Hobby!

It’s significant to note that if a hobby makes you miserable, you probably shouldn’t do it – even if it will amaze employers. The same goes for constructing an interest in certain hobbies. If you fake an interest in team sports despite being the type that runs away from the ball, it might not work out so well for you, what if you’re hired and asked to join the company’s volleyball team it will be embarrassing right?

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A Call to Help the Victims of Nepal

Every penny counts and goes to help, Nepal needs us, our little contribution may just save an innocent life.

We were saddened to hear of the more than 5,000 innocent lives killed and the numerous more harmed in Saturday’s devastating 7.8 magnitude tremor. We wish to help, and we know you wish to help, too.

After calamities, the best way to help is generally to donate money to effective and efficient charities that have a recognized presence on the ground. Charity Navigator is one of the leading resources for assessing the work of nonprofits, and the organization has posted a list of highly-ranked charities that have mounted help operations in the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude temblor that originated outside the capital, Kathmandu.

Aftermaths of this tremor caused numerous damages.

  • More than 5,000 people have been confirmed dead.
  • About 500,000 people have been left homeless.
  • Nearly half a million in Nepal are displaced from their homes.

How Can You Help?

University of Atlanta wants to share the grief of these innocent lives, we are calling everyone to come out and help these victims. People send out clothes, water and medicines. But what really could be helpful is find and trusted non-profit organization.

Here are some of the most trusted organization who can take your donations and make the right use of it.


AmeriCares is an emergency response and global health organization. They have sent an emergency response team from their offices in Mumbai to Nepal and are currently preparing shipments of medical aid and relief supplies for survivors.

“Our emergency response team is in Nepal with critical medicine and medical supplies for survivors.”

  • Michael J. Nyenhuis, AmeriCares President and CEO

To get in contact for donation, visit


The U.N. children’s agency, UNICEF, says nearly 1 million children in Nepal need support. UNICEF says it is preparing two cargo flights with a combined 120 tons of humanitarian supplies including medical and hospital supplies, tents and blankets, for urgent airlift to Kathmandu.

To get in contact for donation, visit—Children—in—Nepal—Donate—for—earthquake—response.htm


Save the Children

Save the Children says it has staff in 63 districts and emergency kits, hygiene materials and tarpaulins already in Nepal and ready for distribution. Additional supplies and emergency recovery teams are being flown in.

To get in contact for donation, visit—Earthquake—Childrens—Relief—Fund/apps/ka/sd/donor.asp


Oxfam says its team in Nepal is assessing needs and it is sending emergency food, water and sanitation supplies.

“Communication is currently very difficult. Telephone lines are down and the electricity has been cut off making charging mobile phones difficult. The water is also cut off.”

 – Cecilia Keizer, Country Director

To get in contact for donation, visit

These are just a few non–profit organization working every minute to rebuild Nepal. Let’s contribute, Let’s save Nepal!

Atlanta is Birth Home of Martin Luther King Jr. – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign

University of Atlanta is exploring the most astonishing and interesting facts about history among everyone. Each day we share something exciting yet knowledgeable for our readers. The popularity of University of Atlanta explore, educate and evolve camping proves that people love to learn and enjoy to unveil hidden truths about history, literature, arts, sport and much more.

We are well aware of numerous facts of Atlanta till now, including how Atlanta rose from the ashes, the history behind phoenix, why it is called the powerhouse of high education and its involvement in sports. Today, we will talk the most famous civil rights campaigner in history Martin Luther king Jr.

Most of us know him from his famous speech “I Have a Dream” delivered in August 28, 1963, in which he calls for an end to discrimination in the US. The speech was a significant moment of the American Civil Rights Movement.


Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. King, both a Baptist minister and civil-rights activist, had a seismic influence on race relations in the United States.

There are few facts that some of us are still unaware about Martin Luther King Jr. Join us and explore these facts with University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve campaign.

Youngest Peace Prize Winner Ever

Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, at the time he was the youngest Peace Prize winner ever, at the age of 35. His acceptance speech included –

 “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.”

He Got a C in Public Speaking

Although Dr. King is known as the man of his words. But in his first year of seminary school, one of Dr. King’s professors gave him a C in a public speaking course.

Martin was originally named Michael

His name was originally Michael, not Martin.  His father was also Michael King, hence why Martin Luther King Jr. was originally named Michael King Jr.

King’s Assignation

Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968, while standing on the balcony of his motel room.

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Things You Just Don’t Say To People from Atlanta – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

People of Atlanta are proud their significant history, being one of the most influential city, Atlanta makes an active contribution in higher education, art and sports. This city has a fascinating and distinctive background. University of Atlanta truly believes in learning and revealing historical facts among students which were unknown to the world until today. With University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve campaign we aim to share small bits and pieces of information which will add up to your awareness about the city.

We are well aware of the fact that every city has its own norms and rules. Today we will share something interesting about the citizens of Atlanta. We will share a few things which you just don’t say to people from Atlanta.


  1. “You live in Atlanta? But you don’t have an accent.”

Too many people venture to the South expecting to hear that stereotypical thick, exaggerated drawl — the kind that charms up images of a 90’s movie with mint juleps, and white suits. Truth is, that drawl is a creation of Hollywood’s imagination. But in reality it’s not true, it’s just a perception!

  1. Yes, every street is named Peach tree!

People from Atlanta are constantly teased about street named “Peachtree”. Yes there are number of streets called peach tree street, lane or avenue. It’s a fact, there are about 90 Atlanta streets that incorporate some variation of “Peach” and “Tree” into their labels.

  1. Atlanta is not bad in sports!

Recently, a magazine column labelled Atlanta as the “The Worst Sports Town in America”, a label people didn’t like and, more importantly, don’t deserve to be labelled. People of Atlanta are huge fan of sports, it is home to four professional sport teams and they love to out for games. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons ranked 13th out of 32 NFL teams. The Atlanta Braves also ranked 13th out of the 30 Major League Baseball teams.

  1. Don’t compare Atlanta with New York

Atlanta takes pride in its own morals, uniqueness, and panache. Although, there are a few things which cannot simply match New York. But Atlanta is more than happy with its own cultural values.

  1. Mind your manners.

People of Atlanta are known for being particular about their manners. If you go a restaurant and yell, Waiter!!! No sire they do not stand this behavior. Saying “please,” “thank you,” and “how are you?” may slow things down, but social details are something Atlantans happily make time for.

We are experiencing a great deal of response and appreciation from students and everyone involved, University of Atlanta is keeping up with the tradition of giving to the world. The results keep on getting better with more and more individuals becoming connected with the cause.

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Fortune 500 CEOs Get an Average of 23 Minutes of Productive Time in a Day – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve campaign

The top CEOs from the lists of Fortune 500 companies are estimated to be productive only for 23 minutes in a whole working day so what about the rest of their time? The rest of their time is spent in other routine tasks like managing the bottom line and in meetings. The thing about time is that it is same for everybody. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but some are able to do much more in the same 24 hours. Blog The top CEOs follow a set routine to be more productive. Every day they are concerned about how can they spend their time more effectively. According to them meetings and phone calls are the biggest productivity blocks and their biggest time wasters. They are jealous about their time and make consistent efforts to plan their 24 hour day down to every minute. They protect their time and use their daily 23 productive minutes on planning high-priority thoughts, conversations and actions only. There is a good chance that you too may think of yourself as a person with good time management skills, but you still are not getting everything done that you need to in your day. Managing time becomes so complex because everything that you have learned about time from lectures and books is all just a waste of time. Time is defined as “a point or a certain period at which things occurs” which in simple words means it is when some stuff happens. In reality, your real time is in your control, you create it and you decide how to spend it. Once you have accepted this idea you would not have time management problems anymore as you will be taking ownership and you will know that planning your time is essential and planning every minute of your day before it starts is necessary.

“The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.”

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