Student’s Guide: Time Management

Learn to manage time when studying online, and stay ahead of everyone in the class. Earning a degree online is not that challenging but being the prominent one can be slightly tough. Those students who are always top of the line everywhere, there are a few guidelines for them to retain that image. Students who want to stay on top should possess qualities such as discipline, dedication, and management.

“A good student possess some qualities which set him/her apart from everyone, whether in a traditional classroom or learning online.”

University of Atlanta Expert Faculty Member

It’s a little challenging for students to cope up with requirements online because they are not in contact with their peers or mentors in-person, and interaction is online.

“Studying online is easier, because student have the advantage to learn on his/her own pace,” says an expert on online education. He further added that, student have the freedom to manage time and concentrate because they get individual attention, which every student desires.

A recent study about online education revealed that flexibility is what attracts student the most towards studying online. From 2010-2014 enrollments in online education topped at 10 million students.

For students who have a lot going on; be it kid’s recitals to attend, an important meeting to present or parent-teacher meeting, these tips will help them stay ahead and make their life easier.


Keep a Calendar

Make your own personal calendar, and mark all the important dates on it and keep checking your syllabus. Mark time and dates for each course and commit to it.

“I set my calendar every night, usually after I  put my kids to bed. It helps me manage my work, family and education.” – said a University of Atlanta  student.

Go through your Course Every Day

The most useful thing about distance learning is that you can take your classes anywhere with access to the internet, stay up-to-date and organized with your android or tablet. All these mobile devices can help student revise and study, even if they are at their kid’s baseball game or daughter’s recitals.

“Adding learning to your daily routine eliminates the last minute pressure and being up-to-date makes them more flexible towards last minute course changes or exams.

Look Ahead

Make sure you know about your due assignments and what’s coming up next. This will prepare you with upcoming submissions and time management.

If you are someone who studies last minute or makes assignments at the eleventh hour, you need to let go of that habit. The reason being that this habit will not only make your life difficult but majorly affect your work and family.

Need Help? Ask for it!

Student often doesn’t ask for help, they try to figure it out on their own, this habit might waste a lot of your time, don’t stay silent. Seek help if you have to and ensure that you are not wasting your time in doing something when you are headed in the wrong direction.

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How to Make Your Job Interview Successful?

Interviewing fruitfully is probably the most important part in securing your dream internship or job. University of Atlanta came up with a few tips that would help candidates who are preparing for an interview.


Dress appropriately

This is the time while you’ll be analyzed from top to bottom, so dress up appropriately. Avoid anything which has too many patterns it might distract your interviewers. Keep it low on perfumes.

Go through your CV

Practice your answering skills; ask family member or friend to help you out. Go over how you would respond to common interview questions

Do your research

Do your research on the company, about their offices and you should know everything about their mission and vision statement. Show your interest in the services of the company.

Know yourself

Analyze your skills and know what you are capable of; an interview is an act of marketing yourself. But don’t go overboard in doing so.

Be on time

Get there a little early and avoid running late, go to visit the place you’ll be going to give this interview before.  Just in case you get confused and run late on the date of interview.

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University of Atlanta is bringing out the emotional side of everyone on this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, University of Atlanta is celebrating it to the fullest, it’s not just about presenting your mom that kitchen appliance that she always wanted or breakfast in bed, its right from the heart through words, giving you a chance to come out and say those things for your mom that you always felt but never expressed. Things never last, but memories live forever.

“When your mother asks, “Do you want a piece of advice?” it’s a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”

― Erma Bombeck

On 10th of May, UofA is celebrating Mother’s day to admire and give tribute to mothers all over the world, recognizing the struggles and contributions she makes each day for their children and family. Mothers are like Queen Bees, Who live to give their child the best food and shelter with love and care. UofA asked their student to share their feeling about their moms.


A letter to my mother:

Dear Mom, at the breakfast table today, you told me all you want for Mother’s day is to spend some time with you. This wasn’t the first time she said those words to me, but today I realized something. It took me 20 years to realize it that , you were chosen to be my mother for a reason , Nobody in the world could handle the emotional monster in me, you love and care has taught me so much in the past couple of years .  Through this letter, I want to let you know that Mom, You’re the best!!

Student of University of Atlanta

The second Mother’s Day message was also from a student; her words were as overwhelming as a mother’s hug.

“I haven’t seen my mother for the past seven years, but she always there with me, Whenever I want to talk to her I close my eyes and she’ is there with me, listening to every word I say., she’s always in front of my eyes. I want her to just laze in her lap and tell her how much I need her and talk to her all night long, then fall asleep in her warm lap. I still remember how we used to talk all night long, and then she tucked me in. I love you, mom, I miss you with all my heart”

Let’s give all we have to our mother on this day. However they are, wherever they are, alive or dead, they can never escape away from our spirit and mind. The ultimate prize that we can and should give to our mothers on Mother’s Day is to make a resolution to elevate ourselves not merely as great personalities but as good persons.

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5 Essential Career Secrets You Can Steal From Mad Men

All time American television favorite ‘Mad Men’ has entered in its final chapter. The television series widely known as one of the best television series of all time is about a prestigious New York’s ad agency at the beginning of the 1960s and is widely regarded for its writing and historical authenticity. mad men The show is set to end on May 17th forever and we at the University of Atlanta believe that there is no other television drama that portrays business acumen, career navigation, professional challenges rather the American professional life more comprehensively than Mad Men does and that’s why we have brought together these important career secrets that you can steal from it. Personal branding is the key to being recognized Brand yourself in such a way that would make everyone recognize you as an indicator of success. In the show, this is done by Don Draper who wraps up every business opportunity through his undeniable charisma, brilliant techniques, marketing reality and confidence. All these factors packaged together make the ‘Don Draper brand’ that not only big client’s like Coke and GM desire but top ad agencies look for. It would be your personal branding that would let others know the moment you walk in a room that you want business. Your confidence, sincerity and your attire play a big part in it. 440x20 Networking plays a big role in your career It’s good if you have a thousand plus connections on LinkedIn or you are out on every Saturday meeting industry personnel but what’s important is keeping in mind that the next person you are about to meet is always as important as your first and that’s the key to networking. Mad Men has shown some great networking ideas including when Draper got hired at the agency after he met Sterling, engineering a daytime bender and came up to him the next day and convinced Sterling that he had offered Don a job but he was too drunk to remember doing that. Similarly Roger Sterling used a fling with an airline stewardess to tip him about the executives that were flying to New York looking for ad agencies and he got on the same plane, befriended them and won their business. For effective networking, you need to be ready to do everything to build rapport and keep people happy in your presence. University of Atlanta Working Hard may not always get you noticed Working hard is crucial but sometimes only your hard work may not get you the attention and reward that you desired but being consistent with a can-do attitude can finally get you what you want. Peggy Olsen, had to wait a long time for her efforts to pay off as she had to break a boys only club at the work place, her perseverance, love for the job and never taking no for an answer eventually paid off as she got the role she loved surpassing several others in her league. University of Atlanta Romance and office just can’t go along Over the seven seasons we have seen write a lot of office romance in this TV series be it Pete and Peggy, Joan and Roger, Don and Megan or any other, though these office romances make a great television show but in real life they turn ugly pretty quickly and it doesn’t take long for things to get complicated. It is perfectly fine to go out with a fellow co-worker but you need to keep it out of the working hours or your credibility and professionalism would be at risk. University of Atlanta Perception is as important as reality itself Mad Men reveals one of the greatest marketing laws of all that is marketing is largely about managing perception. Well, this is not just limited to marketing as your career too is all about what other perceive of you and largely depends upon you managing your perception. The commercial that Don Draper came up with showing a farmer’s wife spreading margarine on her toast rather than her home made dairy cow fresh butter reveals a fine point that people will believe what you tell them and their perception would turn into a reality. University of Atlanta You can tell us what career lessons you have learned from Mad Men on either of our social channels Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest.

Guide to Improve Your Communication Skills

People do not realize the importance of communication skills and as a result they do not communicate properly. The inability to interact effectively can impact tremendously on your lifestyle and how you communicate with your employees and colleagues may have a negative effect on your working experience.

It is very much possible to improve your interpersonal skills. And in a very small period of time your improvement will show, with adequate practice and urge to learn no one can stop you from becoming an expert. In marketing, it is very important to be verbally active when trying to deliver you a message. Expert faculty members of University of Atlanta Master’s Degree Program in Marketing and Management believe it is one skill which can make or break an individual’s persona.


There are a few points which can improve your skills exceptionally; practicing them will enhance interpersonal skills.

Be specific when giving out any information

Your emails should be replied and phone calls should be answered the very same day. If you are not active with responses, it will give a very negative impact, and you’ll come out as lazy and inactive don’t make it a habit to lock information.

Behave adequately and listen to everyone

Since people at your workplace have been selected after much consideration you should learn to do justice to their qualification and listen to their valuable suggestions. No matter how worthy and practical your opinion is but hearing to others patiently reflects your personality.

Make it a habit to speak professionally at workplace

Usage of causal language should be used to the absolute minimum. Try to use simple and easy words. In case of misunderstanding clear it up with your coworkers accordingly. Keep away from any foul language it gives out a bad image.

Focus on your hand movements and gestures while communicating

Make sure that you don’t give out any messages that can be taken in a wrong context. The person you are talking to is paying attention to what you are talking about it is important to sync your body language.

Be polite and don’t show aggression

In case of a conflict at work, make sure you don’t shoot an email or make a phone call which you may regret later. Stay calm and think before making a move.

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Diseases Caused by Earthquake in Nepal

After rescue operators are eventually able to reach the victims of the Nepal earthquake and address their damages, health care workers will be attending carefully for two diseases that crop up later: “crush syndrome” and “compartment syndrome.”

The related difficulties, which are life- and limb-threatening, result from hours of compression of arm and leg tissues by rubble in earthquakes and building collapses. But doctors also see them in drug addicts and others who pass out with their heads on their arms, and surgical patients who aren’t placed properly.

 Crush Syndrome

“Crush syndrome” is the more critical of the two; it can result in death. When earthquake victims with arm or leg injuries are removed from the rubble, releasing the weight on crushed muscles, blood begins to flow through the area again.

As it circulates, it brings the byproducts of that damaged tissue to other parts of the body, which aren’t prepared to handle the toxins, according to Mark Pearlmutter, vice president of emergency medicine for the Steward Health System near Boston.

Compartment Syndrome

In “compartment syndrome,” the infection of a crushed muscle causes so much puffiness that the blood supply is cut off in the area around that muscle. Within hours, that muscle can expire if doctors don’t release the pressure by cutting open the fascia, the thick lining that surrounds the muscle.

Victims also may go into shock in the first few hours after they’re pulled from the rubble, often because of reduced blood capacity as a result of their wounds and dryness.

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What Can You Do To Save The Earth? – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Every year there are some specific days in our lives that call for reflection. Those days may include your birthday, a certain holiday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day or any other. It is at such days that we think about how had we celebrated, what had we done and what we could had done. The University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign similarly wants you to reflect what you had done about protecting your environment on the Earth Day. So here are some things that you can start doing today as an individual to protect your environment.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve


The extra room in your car can be put to good use by ride-sharing or car pooling. If you are carpooling just twice a week you are keeping out 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases of the air each year. Carpooling not only reduces the carbon dioxide emissions but it can save you big bucks too.

Using public transportation

You can completely cut down emissions from your car by using public transportation for commuting. Moreover, by using public transit you would not have to waste time and energy looking for a parking spot and can save your parking money plus the time spent driving can also be put to good use.

Get a bike

You can get yourself a bike to run nearby errands without any emissions. With a bike, you would also get a quick exercise and you would easily avoid the traffic too.

Conserve energy

The main reason of our environmental problems is our need of energy. The population of the United States is about 5 percent of the population of the world, but the U.S. alone is responsible to consume 25 percent of the energy of the world. You can conserve energy by turning off unused electronic devices.

Conserve water

According to recent news some places in the United States including California are running out of water. Keeping in mind that only 1 percent of the water of the world can be used because 97 percent is sea water and 2 percent is frozen you should use it wisely and should protect your water environment.

One more “R”

You should start to use another ‘R’ of ‘repair’ to reduce, reuse and recycle when you think of the environment. If something is broken most of the times it can be repaired thus cutting down on waste.

Stop wasting paper

Though everything is going digital these days but paper is still extensively used. Every day only the businesses in America are generating enough paper to circle the Earth 20 times. So next time just think before you print something and cut down excessive paper use to help save trees and contribute in protecting your environment.

We at University of Atlanta believe that the Earth Day is not just about saving the Earth, but it is about saving yourself. Follow our campaign on FacebookGoogle Plus , Pinterest and Twitter to stay updated and keep protecting your environment.

A Call to Help the Victims of Nepal

Every penny counts and goes to help, Nepal needs us, our little contribution may just save an innocent life.

We were saddened to hear of the more than 5,000 innocent lives killed and the numerous more harmed in Saturday’s devastating 7.8 magnitude tremor. We wish to help, and we know you wish to help, too.

After calamities, the best way to help is generally to donate money to effective and efficient charities that have a recognized presence on the ground. Charity Navigator is one of the leading resources for assessing the work of nonprofits, and the organization has posted a list of highly-ranked charities that have mounted help operations in the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude temblor that originated outside the capital, Kathmandu.

Aftermaths of this tremor caused numerous damages.

  • More than 5,000 people have been confirmed dead.
  • About 500,000 people have been left homeless.
  • Nearly half a million in Nepal are displaced from their homes.

How Can You Help?

University of Atlanta wants to share the grief of these innocent lives, we are calling everyone to come out and help these victims. People send out clothes, water and medicines. But what really could be helpful is find and trusted non-profit organization.

Here are some of the most trusted organization who can take your donations and make the right use of it.


AmeriCares is an emergency response and global health organization. They have sent an emergency response team from their offices in Mumbai to Nepal and are currently preparing shipments of medical aid and relief supplies for survivors.

“Our emergency response team is in Nepal with critical medicine and medical supplies for survivors.”

  • Michael J. Nyenhuis, AmeriCares President and CEO

To get in contact for donation, visit


The U.N. children’s agency, UNICEF, says nearly 1 million children in Nepal need support. UNICEF says it is preparing two cargo flights with a combined 120 tons of humanitarian supplies including medical and hospital supplies, tents and blankets, for urgent airlift to Kathmandu.

To get in contact for donation, visit—Children—in—Nepal—Donate—for—earthquake—response.htm


Save the Children

Save the Children says it has staff in 63 districts and emergency kits, hygiene materials and tarpaulins already in Nepal and ready for distribution. Additional supplies and emergency recovery teams are being flown in.

To get in contact for donation, visit—Earthquake—Childrens—Relief—Fund/apps/ka/sd/donor.asp


Oxfam says its team in Nepal is assessing needs and it is sending emergency food, water and sanitation supplies.

“Communication is currently very difficult. Telephone lines are down and the electricity has been cut off making charging mobile phones difficult. The water is also cut off.”

 – Cecilia Keizer, Country Director

To get in contact for donation, visit

These are just a few non–profit organization working every minute to rebuild Nepal. Let’s contribute, Let’s save Nepal!

Saving the Earth with Solar Energy

On this 45th Earth Day, we are facing severe climatic changes which have exposed our economy, health, safety as well as the safety of our future generations to a great risk. Our planet is suffering from our own neglect and with every passing year the condition is becoming severe.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Since the very first Earth Day in 1970, the United States has been making consistent efforts to improve the climatic conditions of our planet which have resulted in the implementation of several much needed environmental legislations.

Today on this 45th Earth Day, we can say that we have found better and more efficient sources of energy, but we still have a long way to go. Scientists are now focusing on environment-friendly energy sources and they believe that solar powered energy is one of them. Solar energy is not only an efficient alternative to other carbon-emitting energy sources but it is a source to provide clean energy consistently. Top scientists and researchers believe that the use of solar powered energy can play an instrumental role in protecting our planet’s environment.

Solar energy is obtained from the radiation from the sun. It is used to generate electricity with the help of solar panels and is an emission-free energy source which is being used to replace other high carbon-emitting energy sources.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Solar powered energy has made much progress in America as a new solar panel is installed 2.5 minute of every passing hour according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). With each new installation clean and carbon-free energy is produced which is direly needed by our planet’s environment.

There was no concept of solar powered energy on the first Earth Day but today on this 45th Earth Day, the solar energy produced in America only is powering 4 million homes and this number is expected to double by the end of 2016.

Moreover, if the progress continues the solar energy produced by the end of 2016 would be equivalent to removing approximately 10 million carbon emitting vehicles from the roads of United States or shutting down 10 coal powered energy plants that are today’s number one source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States.

The solar powered energy has huge potential and we at the University of Atlanta strongly believe that this source of energy will be instrumental in providing clean and emission-free energy in the future.

Few of the Most Breathtaking Places in the World – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign

Our land is our wealth and to protect it from dangers is our duty. We want you to make smart choices and save the Mother Earth. Our land is too precious and to save it we should do whatever it takes.

To raise the awareness we will explore about the most beautiful places in world. Take a look at the wonders of Mother Nature and rejoice in the true natural beauty.

Aogashima Volcano, Japan

Aogashima is a volcanic Japanese island in the Philippine Sea. The island is located approximately 358 kilometers south of Tokyo and 64 kilometers south of Hachijō-jima. It is known for its beautiful scenery, many artist have painted this beautiful piece of land.


Hiller lake (pink lake), Western Australia

Lake Hillier is a saline lake on the edge of Middle Island, the largest of the islands in the coast of Western Australia. It is particularly distinguished for its pink color. A long and thin shore divides the Southern Ocean from the lake.


Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

At foot of the Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle are the Fairy Pools, beautiful crystal clear blue pools on the River Brittle. These famous pools tempt visitors from all over the world, as they make some great ‘Wild Swimming’ for those courageous enough to enter the icy water.


Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The Mamanucas are a chain of 20 islands near Nadi and Denarau. One of the most recognized resort areas in Fiji, the Mamanucas provide a spectacular array of activities for all types of explorers.


Turquoise Sea, Cyprus

This is one of the best beaches in Paphos. The turquoise sea is attractive and it is a gorgeous place to swim and sunbathe.



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