Student’s Guide: Time Management

Learn to manage time when studying online, and stay ahead of everyone in the class. Earning a degree online is not that challenging but being the prominent one can be slightly tough. Those students who are always top of the line everywhere, there are a few guidelines for them to retain that image. Students who want to stay on top should possess qualities such as discipline, dedication, and management.

“A good student possess some qualities which set him/her apart from everyone, whether in a traditional classroom or learning online.”

University of Atlanta Expert Faculty Member

It’s a little challenging for students to cope up with requirements online because they are not in contact with their peers or mentors in-person, and interaction is online.

“Studying online is easier, because student have the advantage to learn on his/her own pace,” says an expert on online education. He further added that, student have the freedom to manage time and concentrate because they get individual attention, which every student desires.

A recent study about online education revealed that flexibility is what attracts student the most towards studying online. From 2010-2014 enrollments in online education topped at 10 million students.

For students who have a lot going on; be it kid’s recitals to attend, an important meeting to present or parent-teacher meeting, these tips will help them stay ahead and make their life easier.


Keep a Calendar

Make your own personal calendar, and mark all the important dates on it and keep checking your syllabus. Mark time and dates for each course and commit to it.

“I set my calendar every night, usually after I  put my kids to bed. It helps me manage my work, family and education.” – said a University of Atlanta  student.

Go through your Course Every Day

The most useful thing about distance learning is that you can take your classes anywhere with access to the internet, stay up-to-date and organized with your android or tablet. All these mobile devices can help student revise and study, even if they are at their kid’s baseball game or daughter’s recitals.

“Adding learning to your daily routine eliminates the last minute pressure and being up-to-date makes them more flexible towards last minute course changes or exams.

Look Ahead

Make sure you know about your due assignments and what’s coming up next. This will prepare you with upcoming submissions and time management.

If you are someone who studies last minute or makes assignments at the eleventh hour, you need to let go of that habit. The reason being that this habit will not only make your life difficult but majorly affect your work and family.

Need Help? Ask for it!

Student often doesn’t ask for help, they try to figure it out on their own, this habit might waste a lot of your time, don’t stay silent. Seek help if you have to and ensure that you are not wasting your time in doing something when you are headed in the wrong direction.

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Atlanta is Home of a Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Jimmy Carter – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign

University of Atlanta believes in the power of exploring. The most important approach to have on the way towards achievement is to keep on exploring oneself and the opportunities involved – Ensure that none is neglected and make the best out of it. UofA is looking out for all those opportunities and already ensuring, via University of Atlanta Explore, educate and evolve campaign, that people are well informed.

With the help of our special campaign which is focused on fulfilling the purpose of defining oneself, individuals can learn more about personalities and their development tools so that they can become the person they want to be.

Let’s explore about a prominent name in history and the 39th president of US President Jimmy Carter, he served as the nation’s chief executive during a time of serious problems at home and abroad. Carter’s perceived mishandling of these problems led to a setback in his bid for reelection. He later turned to diplomacy and advocacy, for which he was presented a Nobel Prize for Peace in 2002.



Jimmy Carter’s accomplishments are numerous. He created two new cabinet-level departments: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. He also established a national energy policy that included conservation, price control, and new technology. President Carter took measures to improve the environment through the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act and the Superfund Act, which is designed to clean up sites contaminated with harmful substances. He advocated a process of bureaucratic restructuring and was accountable for deregulating the airline, trucking, rail, infrastructures, and finance industries.

Jimmy Carter aimed to make government “capable and compassionate,” receptive to the American people and their prospects. His successes were distinguished, but in an era of rising energy costs, mounting inflation, and continuing tensions, it was impossible for his administration to meet these high expectations.

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia houses President Jimmy Carter’s papers and other material relating to the Carter administration and the Carter family’s life. The library also hosts special displays, such as Carter’s Nobel Peace Prize and a full-scale replica of the Oval Office, including a copy of the Resolute Desk. The library envisions to provide quality educational materials and experiences to the students, educators, and public of the state of Georgia, the country, and the world.

 “The American people have always recognized that education is one of the soundest investments they can make. The dividends are reflected in every dimension of our national life – from the strength of our economy and national security to the vitality of our music, art, and literature.”- President Jimmy Carter, State of the Union Address, January 16, 1981

Carter Center

The Carter Center is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization founded in 1982 by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter. The Carter Center works to advance human rights and eliminate human suffering. The Center is governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of many prominent business persons, educators, former government officials, and eminent philanthropists. The Atlanta-based center has helped to improve the quality of life for people in more than 80 countries.

Did you know?

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Energy; today the DOE works with the Obama Administration to drive towards innovation in energy and reducing reliance on foreign oil.

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How Successful Professionals Ace an Interview? University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Interview is the single most important point where the interviewer decides whether you are hired or not. It provides you an opportunity to really wow the interviewer so you need to be prepared to win it. Here is what successful professionals do to get the hiring manager like them on the spot. Blog (3) 1. Prove You are the Best Fit The interview is about finding the employers need and proving them that you are the best solution to their need so always go fully prepared for an interview. It is estimated that 47 percent of the candidates are rejected because they have little or no knowledge of the company and the position. Look at the company website, earning reports, learn about their business model, their products and their achievements.

2. Anticipate & Be Prepared Anticipate and prepare a list of all the questions that might be asked to you beforehand. Remember to look up the interviewer on LinkedIn as 91% of the interviewers now are viewing candidate profiles on social media. Always remember that your first impression is the key!

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression.”

3. Ask Good Questions

It is also important to ask relevant and good questions to let the interviewer know that you understand the position and want to find a match between your skills and the position requirements. You should know that you are interviewing them too and the interview is your chance to know more about the position, culture and the company. Top professionals remember to ask intriguing questions like:

  • What is the definition of success for the company?
  • How do you see this position evolving in the coming two years?
  • What will I be doing that will make my manager’s job easier?

4. Always Know the Job But the most important thing that makes professionals ace every interview is their ability to project themselves on the job. Every successful professional always had either a mental or a written plan of action for at least the first six months. They always know what they would be doing on the job and they are ready to share it with the employers. This proves to be the main differentiating point between them and every other candidate.

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Here is what you may not know about Easter – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve

Easter is known to be the Sunday that marks the end of the Holy Week, an occasion that honors the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ. It is significantly influenced by the Christian faith as it prompts devotees to remember the last sacrifice of the Son of God. And for others it is a time of celebration with Easter Eggs, bunnies and marshmallows. So to celebrate, here are some interesting facts about Easter by the University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign.


The Belief

Easter is the celebration of the revival of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith.

Christians consider Easter eggs to represent joy and celebration, new life and revival.

Sweet Consumption

Americans spend $1.9 billion on Easter sweets. That’s the second major candy holiday after Halloween.

70% of Easter candy purchased are chocolates.

76% of Americans believe the ears of a chocolate bunny must be the first to be eaten.

After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy consuming holiday. 120 million pounds of candy are bought each year.

Traditions on Easter

The White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year. This tradition was started by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878.


The name Easter owes its origin from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg.

The exchange of eggs for Easter dates back to a springtime custom older than Easter itself in which eggs were given as a symbol of rebirth in many cultures.

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Hope you had a lovely weekend and a joyful Easter!

Why was Steve Jobs so Successful?

The most successful entrepreneur, innovator, leader and a true legend; Steve Jobs is surely the one to look up to when you need a road-map to success. It was Jobs who was successful in building the most valuable brand in the world and providing the world with some of the greatest innovations of all times.

Blog (2)

Today, Apple is one of the largest companies in the world with revenues of US$ 182 billion and with more cash reserves that the U.S. treasury itself. Jobs proved his genius and success over and over again, be it bringing a garage company Apple to compete with the tech-giants IBM or creating NeXT and Pixar after getting fired from his own company or be it coming back again at Apple to transform the music industry with iPod and iTunes or be it to change the world’s lifestyle with iPhone and iPad. Steve’s success is unquestioned and undoubted.

So what was it that made him so successful?

There are long debates on what factors led to his breakthrough success. Most say it was his personality traits like attention to detail and high standards that made him so successful, but there is more to it than just personality quirks. There are specific principles of success that can be learned.

Yes, There is a secret to his success.

It was his insatiable curiosity and maniacal razor-sharp focus that led to everything else in his life. From the very beginning, curiosity fueled him and he always remained focused to the applications of his learnings. It was his curiosity that made him take classes he liked even after dropping out of college; taking a calligraphy class that later on reflected in the varied fonts that we have today in our windows. Similarly starting NeXT in his wilderness years, later on led to NeXT becoming a core operating system for Mac and his lifelong passion for music later on becoming iTunes.


Jobs envisioned a world where technology would be simple, integrated and easily accessible, a world where it would deeply change people’s life. He had described the iPod, iPhone and the iPad nearly two decades before the world saw them. He always remained focused and never let the current world limitations hold him back.

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” -Steve Jobs

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Getting a college degree will make you eligible for 90% of Jobs in America – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

The American economy is becoming more and more advanced with each passing day. In this increasingly technologically advanced industry the need for qualified and competent professionals is soaring.

This advancement has given ‘being qualified’ a new meaning in the recent few years in America. The minimum level of education has increased and now 90% of all jobs in America require education or technical training beyond high school. College education has become a necessity and good college education is nowadays tied to a good paying job.


It is a fact that in today’s American workplace, 85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs requires at least a college or post-secondary education and according to the White House, by the year 2020, an estimated 35 percent of jobs in America will be requiring atleast a bachelor’s degree and 30 percent will require some college or an associate degree.

The times have changed and it is now crucial to get a college degree because today’s economy is a knowledge-based economy where knowledge is power and it now controls your every opportunity and career advancement. The cost of education is also soaring but the only thing that will prove to be more expensive than going for a college degree in America is not going for one.  Nowadays, a college degree is not only tied to getting a worthy job but it is also directly related to an affluent lifestyle and income stability.

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Things You Just Don’t Say To People from Atlanta – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

People of Atlanta are proud their significant history, being one of the most influential city, Atlanta makes an active contribution in higher education, art and sports. This city has a fascinating and distinctive background. University of Atlanta truly believes in learning and revealing historical facts among students which were unknown to the world until today. With University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve campaign we aim to share small bits and pieces of information which will add up to your awareness about the city.

We are well aware of the fact that every city has its own norms and rules. Today we will share something interesting about the citizens of Atlanta. We will share a few things which you just don’t say to people from Atlanta.


  1. “You live in Atlanta? But you don’t have an accent.”

Too many people venture to the South expecting to hear that stereotypical thick, exaggerated drawl — the kind that charms up images of a 90’s movie with mint juleps, and white suits. Truth is, that drawl is a creation of Hollywood’s imagination. But in reality it’s not true, it’s just a perception!

  1. Yes, every street is named Peach tree!

People from Atlanta are constantly teased about street named “Peachtree”. Yes there are number of streets called peach tree street, lane or avenue. It’s a fact, there are about 90 Atlanta streets that incorporate some variation of “Peach” and “Tree” into their labels.

  1. Atlanta is not bad in sports!

Recently, a magazine column labelled Atlanta as the “The Worst Sports Town in America”, a label people didn’t like and, more importantly, don’t deserve to be labelled. People of Atlanta are huge fan of sports, it is home to four professional sport teams and they love to out for games. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons ranked 13th out of 32 NFL teams. The Atlanta Braves also ranked 13th out of the 30 Major League Baseball teams.

  1. Don’t compare Atlanta with New York

Atlanta takes pride in its own morals, uniqueness, and panache. Although, there are a few things which cannot simply match New York. But Atlanta is more than happy with its own cultural values.

  1. Mind your manners.

People of Atlanta are known for being particular about their manners. If you go a restaurant and yell, Waiter!!! No sire they do not stand this behavior. Saying “please,” “thank you,” and “how are you?” may slow things down, but social details are something Atlantans happily make time for.

We are experiencing a great deal of response and appreciation from students and everyone involved, University of Atlanta is keeping up with the tradition of giving to the world. The results keep on getting better with more and more individuals becoming connected with the cause.

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Atlanta is Home to Four Professional Sports Teams – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign

University of Atlanta is exploring the most amazing facts about Atlanta with its newly launched campaign. We are inviting students from all over the world to explore and learn with us. There are numerous reasons to be a part of UofA and we will tell you why!

University of Atlanta explore, educate and evolve campaign is all about digging out some most interesting facts with were unknown till now. Through this campaign we have explored a lot about Atlanta. We now know the history behind the phoenix and how Atlanta struggled and rose. We know how it has become a powerhouse of higher education. And just recently we shared some amazing yet interesting laws applied in the US including Atlanta.

Today, we will share another delightful fact about Atlanta. We have proved that nothing can beat us, we have been demonstrating our strength on the field since the beginning of time.  Atlanta is home to four professional sports team.


Let’s have a look at these teams and how they made us proud.  

Braves (Baseball)

The Atlanta Braves are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team in Atlanta, Georgia, playing in the Eastern Division of the National League. The Braves have played home games since 1997 and play spring training games in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. So next time you are watch a match don’t forget to give a shout out to Braves. Although Braves won only one World Series but still they are Atlanta’s beloved team.

Falcons (Football)

The Atlanta Falcons are a professional American football team based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are a member of the South Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). People of Atlanta are proud of their teams and as a student of University of Atlanta regardless of your location you are a part of The Falcons. Many team players of The Falcons have been awarded Hall of Fame.

Hawks (Basketball)

The Atlanta Hawks are an American professional basketball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are part of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference in the NBA. On January 31, 2015, the Hawks became the first NBA team to go 17-0 in a calendar month by beating Portland.

Go Hawks! University of Atlanta is proud of you!!

Thrashers (Hockey)

The Atlanta Thrashers were an American professional ice hockey team based in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was granted a franchise in the National Hockey League, and became the league’s 28th franchise when it began play in the NHL season. The team went through a lot of troubles and finally relocated. In earlier days the Thrashers were known as one of the best teams in the world of Hockey.

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Fortune 500 CEOs Get an Average of 23 Minutes of Productive Time in a Day – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve campaign

The top CEOs from the lists of Fortune 500 companies are estimated to be productive only for 23 minutes in a whole working day so what about the rest of their time? The rest of their time is spent in other routine tasks like managing the bottom line and in meetings. The thing about time is that it is same for everybody. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but some are able to do much more in the same 24 hours. Blog The top CEOs follow a set routine to be more productive. Every day they are concerned about how can they spend their time more effectively. According to them meetings and phone calls are the biggest productivity blocks and their biggest time wasters. They are jealous about their time and make consistent efforts to plan their 24 hour day down to every minute. They protect their time and use their daily 23 productive minutes on planning high-priority thoughts, conversations and actions only. There is a good chance that you too may think of yourself as a person with good time management skills, but you still are not getting everything done that you need to in your day. Managing time becomes so complex because everything that you have learned about time from lectures and books is all just a waste of time. Time is defined as “a point or a certain period at which things occurs” which in simple words means it is when some stuff happens. In reality, your real time is in your control, you create it and you decide how to spend it. Once you have accepted this idea you would not have time management problems anymore as you will be taking ownership and you will know that planning your time is essential and planning every minute of your day before it starts is necessary.

“The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.”

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