Student’s Guide: Time Management

Learn to manage time when studying online, and stay ahead of everyone in the class. Earning a degree online is not that challenging but being the prominent one can be slightly tough. Those students who are always top of the line everywhere, there are a few guidelines for them to retain that image. Students who want to stay on top should possess qualities such as discipline, dedication, and management.

“A good student possess some qualities which set him/her apart from everyone, whether in a traditional classroom or learning online.”

University of Atlanta Expert Faculty Member

It’s a little challenging for students to cope up with requirements online because they are not in contact with their peers or mentors in-person, and interaction is online.

“Studying online is easier, because student have the advantage to learn on his/her own pace,” says an expert on online education. He further added that, student have the freedom to manage time and concentrate because they get individual attention, which every student desires.

A recent study about online education revealed that flexibility is what attracts student the most towards studying online. From 2010-2014 enrollments in online education topped at 10 million students.

For students who have a lot going on; be it kid’s recitals to attend, an important meeting to present or parent-teacher meeting, these tips will help them stay ahead and make their life easier.


Keep a Calendar

Make your own personal calendar, and mark all the important dates on it and keep checking your syllabus. Mark time and dates for each course and commit to it.

“I set my calendar every night, usually after I  put my kids to bed. It helps me manage my work, family and education.” – said a University of Atlanta  student.

Go through your Course Every Day

The most useful thing about distance learning is that you can take your classes anywhere with access to the internet, stay up-to-date and organized with your android or tablet. All these mobile devices can help student revise and study, even if they are at their kid’s baseball game or daughter’s recitals.

“Adding learning to your daily routine eliminates the last minute pressure and being up-to-date makes them more flexible towards last minute course changes or exams.

Look Ahead

Make sure you know about your due assignments and what’s coming up next. This will prepare you with upcoming submissions and time management.

If you are someone who studies last minute or makes assignments at the eleventh hour, you need to let go of that habit. The reason being that this habit will not only make your life difficult but majorly affect your work and family.

Need Help? Ask for it!

Student often doesn’t ask for help, they try to figure it out on their own, this habit might waste a lot of your time, don’t stay silent. Seek help if you have to and ensure that you are not wasting your time in doing something when you are headed in the wrong direction.

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Right Hobbies to Boost Your Career Prospects

It’s no secret that more companies are now hiring for cultural fit in an effort to capitulate higher performing candidates. As one study from the prominent University of Atlanta’s analysis and research center discovered that, many employers are now bringing focus to a candidate’s hobbies and analyze their personality accordingly. In fact, many employers indicated that these hobbies and benefits candidates more than experience and qualification when selecting an individual for a job.

You might think that having skills is what really attracts an employer, and hobbies carry no credibility, but if you’re a job seeker, this means that you may want to take up a hobby or two in order to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers and boost your employability –Pick hobbies that would add up to your strength, It all depends on what type of personal strengths you’re looking to showcase!  University of Atlanta experts in career counseling have short listed a few hobbies that would elevate your strength and benefit your standing in the industry.


Outdoor Sports

Hobbies like cycling, running or swimming would suggest that the person has strength and power. It would be the exact quality that would be required for a person who is looking for a career in sales or business development.

Adrenaline Rush

Mountain climbing, scuba diving, skydiving and mountain cycling are high risk taking activities, this clearly states that the person has a risk taking personality and he is not afraid to experience new and exciting things. These people are leaders that will give a major impact in their resume and personality.

The Creativity in You

Hobbies such as painting, photography and cooking, these hobbies clearly brings out the creative side of you. This kind of people are a best fit for social media, marketing, design and Public relations. Your hobbies truly reflect your characteristics.

Group Sports
Team sports such as hockey, cricket, football or dodge ball  shows off that you are a team player and your can very well work with the people around you, and this quality is useful in every team based environment and people having such qualities are desirable and well appreciated in every organization.

Mind Bending Strategic Games
Games like Chess,  Sudoku and Backgammon classifies that you enjoy thinking strategically,  these kind of people are a best-fit in industries where policy makers, developers, and strategic formulation is the key factor for the required  vacancy for e.g. planning based role.

Creative writing

If you own a personal blog where you share information such as blogging, poetry and short stories you are the best fit for in places such as content writing, communications or writing editors. This type of skill is extremely appreciated for editorial arrangements, public relations positions with a prominence on communications, or social media-type roles.

Important Note – Don’t Fake a Hobby!

It’s significant to note that if a hobby makes you miserable, you probably shouldn’t do it – even if it will amaze employers. The same goes for constructing an interest in certain hobbies. If you fake an interest in team sports despite being the type that runs away from the ball, it might not work out so well for you, what if you’re hired and asked to join the company’s volleyball team it will be embarrassing right?

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These Students Learned the Most Powerful Lesson of Their Lives in 5 Minutes – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

University of Atlanta

You need to experience life in order to learn valuable lessons. But this is not the case every time as you need to be curious to learn from others too. You can easily learn valuable lessons from other people and apply them in your life. Here is a powerful lesson a high school teacher taught his students about life, privilege and the need for education.

Let’s Play a Game

The teacher told the students they will be playing a game and asked them to take a piece of scrap paper and start to crumple it.


Once the students were done crumpling the paper the teacher moved the recycling bin to the front of the class.


The teacher then said “the Game is pretty simple as all of you represent the population of our country and each one of you has an equal chance to move into the upper class and become rich.


What You Need To Do

All you have to do is throw your crumpled paper into the recycle bin without leaving your seat.


Immediately the students who were sitting at the back of the classroom responded that this is not fair as the students who are sitting in front have a better chance of throwing the crumpled paper in the bin.


But every student had to take the shot from the same position so they did.



Very few of the students from the back managed to get their crumpled papers into the bin whereas almost everyone from the front row successfully made it.


Life is Unfair

The teacher then concluded that you have a better chance if you are closer to the recycle bin. But if you are not closer to the bin it is not your fault this is how life is. ‘It is unfair’.


Some Are Born Privileged

Did you notice that only the students in the back of the row complained? While the ones in the front did not, this is called privilege and this is how it works. Some people are just born into it and they are never aware of what privilege they have over others, the only thing they see is that they are close to their goals.

What is Your Privilege?

The University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign wants you to be aware of your privilege which is your ‘education’. At the University of Atlanta, we believe that you can use your privilege that is your education to get ahead of those who were born with privilege and this is how you make your life fair. Become a part of our campaign follow us on Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest and Twitter.

What’s so Amazing about the Bellwood Quarry in Atlanta – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign

Curiosity is perhaps the best of activity that could lead towards a refined living. A well-informed person is always in search of getting to know about things he is unaware of. To become a successful individual, it is important for a person to have a broader perspective and ability to reason with logic and critique. University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign is an initiative to cater for the same cause.

Every day we share something which would add up to your information and you get to learn more about Atlanta. Today, through our informative campaign we will explore and share the facts about “Bellwood Quarry”. After today, you will know what’s so cool about The Quarry.


The Location

The Bellwood Quarry is on about 40 acres of land near North Marietta Street in northwest Atlanta. It boasts remarkable scenery with walls of spiky stonework extending up to 450 feet high. At the bottom is clear, green water as deep as 30 feet.

Tourist Attraction of Atlanta

Did you know that “The Quarry” served as the survivor’s camp in season one of “The Walking Dead,” and acts as numerous locations in “The Hunger Games – Part 1”? Isn’t that just the coolest!

“This will become a new world-class park for the City of Atlanta,” said Atlanta Beltline communications director “It’s probably the greatest opportunity the city has had since perhaps Piedmont Park to have a magnificent green space in the middle of the city” he further added.

Bellwood Quarry is the most anticipated recreational space, not only for the people of Atlanta but also for the people visiting, tourist from all over want to visit and see the beauty which just cannot be captured with a camera lens.

Do you know?

Bellwood quarry will be new Atlanta Music Park and will be open for public soon!

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Getting a college degree will make you eligible for 90% of Jobs in America – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

The American economy is becoming more and more advanced with each passing day. In this increasingly technologically advanced industry the need for qualified and competent professionals is soaring.

This advancement has given ‘being qualified’ a new meaning in the recent few years in America. The minimum level of education has increased and now 90% of all jobs in America require education or technical training beyond high school. College education has become a necessity and good college education is nowadays tied to a good paying job.


It is a fact that in today’s American workplace, 85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs requires at least a college or post-secondary education and according to the White House, by the year 2020, an estimated 35 percent of jobs in America will be requiring atleast a bachelor’s degree and 30 percent will require some college or an associate degree.

The times have changed and it is now crucial to get a college degree because today’s economy is a knowledge-based economy where knowledge is power and it now controls your every opportunity and career advancement. The cost of education is also soaring but the only thing that will prove to be more expensive than going for a college degree in America is not going for one.  Nowadays, a college degree is not only tied to getting a worthy job but it is also directly related to an affluent lifestyle and income stability.

University of Atlanta is a leading education provider that aims to spread knowledge globally. Keeping in mind the objective, University of Atlanta has recently launched a campaign (Explore, Educate & Evolve) which aims to spread knowledge across the board and overcome the barriers. Become a part of the Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign to take advantage of the unique learning opportunities.

Things You Just Don’t Say To People from Atlanta – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

People of Atlanta are proud their significant history, being one of the most influential city, Atlanta makes an active contribution in higher education, art and sports. This city has a fascinating and distinctive background. University of Atlanta truly believes in learning and revealing historical facts among students which were unknown to the world until today. With University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve campaign we aim to share small bits and pieces of information which will add up to your awareness about the city.

We are well aware of the fact that every city has its own norms and rules. Today we will share something interesting about the citizens of Atlanta. We will share a few things which you just don’t say to people from Atlanta.


  1. “You live in Atlanta? But you don’t have an accent.”

Too many people venture to the South expecting to hear that stereotypical thick, exaggerated drawl — the kind that charms up images of a 90’s movie with mint juleps, and white suits. Truth is, that drawl is a creation of Hollywood’s imagination. But in reality it’s not true, it’s just a perception!

  1. Yes, every street is named Peach tree!

People from Atlanta are constantly teased about street named “Peachtree”. Yes there are number of streets called peach tree street, lane or avenue. It’s a fact, there are about 90 Atlanta streets that incorporate some variation of “Peach” and “Tree” into their labels.

  1. Atlanta is not bad in sports!

Recently, a magazine column labelled Atlanta as the “The Worst Sports Town in America”, a label people didn’t like and, more importantly, don’t deserve to be labelled. People of Atlanta are huge fan of sports, it is home to four professional sport teams and they love to out for games. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons ranked 13th out of 32 NFL teams. The Atlanta Braves also ranked 13th out of the 30 Major League Baseball teams.

  1. Don’t compare Atlanta with New York

Atlanta takes pride in its own morals, uniqueness, and panache. Although, there are a few things which cannot simply match New York. But Atlanta is more than happy with its own cultural values.

  1. Mind your manners.

People of Atlanta are known for being particular about their manners. If you go a restaurant and yell, Waiter!!! No sire they do not stand this behavior. Saying “please,” “thank you,” and “how are you?” may slow things down, but social details are something Atlantans happily make time for.

We are experiencing a great deal of response and appreciation from students and everyone involved, University of Atlanta is keeping up with the tradition of giving to the world. The results keep on getting better with more and more individuals becoming connected with the cause.

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Atlanta is a Power House of Higher Education – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

University is Atlanta sure is proud of its distinguished historical background. Let’s have a run through of why is Atlanta known as the power house of higher education. Atlanta is one of the regions for having the most prominent research institutions. If you are already well aware of a famous fact about Atlanta that – Atlanta rose from the ashes. It survived from many incidents which were planned to damage the city completely but it stood strong.

Fact: Only five U.S. metro areas totaled higher ed research spending of $1 billion or more in 2005. Atlanta was one of them.

The Atlanta region appreciates the attention of several colleges and universities matched by few U.S. metropolitan areas. The region is frequently ranked among the top tier across more than 20 measures of higher education. That’s one great achievement for Atlanta. A literate population means a better pool of workforce capacity, higher returns and a broader tax rates.

A diversity in degree programs in a traditional learning set up or with online education means there is something for everyone, from entering freshmen to adults seeking advanced degrees. And campuses across the region bring arts and entertainment, business, research and public service to their districts.

The area that centers on Atlanta is home to more than 40 colleges and universities that enroll more than 200,000 students. These foundations offer a wide-range of degree programs, giving opportunities to more than 70,000 individuals in stable career. High schools and universities in Atlanta attract millions of visitors to arts, sports, educational, and alumni events. They spend billions in the field of education which is why it is famous as a Power house of Higher Education


But figures can’t really explain the real relationship between Atlanta and education. These foundations touch individual lives with scholastic, traditional, cultural and economic benefits throughout the region.

“A person like myself, born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, to lower-middle-class parents. But I had the opportunity to get an education, to go and earn a commission in the United States Army, to serve for 22 years, to lead men and women in combat.”- Allen West

Something for Everyone

Atlanta’s educational system offers an astonishing mix of missions and learning settings—from inner city high rises to tree-lined quads, from well-known research establishments to best arts colleges, from automated institutes to specialized schools of medicine and art. This means the prospects to progress through education is open to everyone. Not just this, University of Atlanta itself is known for offering the most dynamic courses to students worldwide which means there is literally something for everyone.

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Why is Atlanta Represented as a Symbol Called the Phoenix? – University of Atlanta Explore Educate Evolve Campaign

We all love this mythological Egyptian bird called the Phoenix. But have you ever wondered that what is the relation between this magical bird and the city of Atlanta?

University of Atlanta has launched this new campaign where we will share the most amazing facts just about everything with our students worldwide. There are hidden glorious yet knowledgeable facts about things that we see every day but don’t get time to search about the history behind them. We strive to make learning interesting for our students all around the world. With University of Atlanta Explore Educate Evolve campaign let’s make learning an exploratory rendezvous!!

Phoenix the Magical Bird

In Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix is a long-lived bird that is constantly renewed, reborn and regenerated, Magical isn’t it!? It is associated with the sun, a phoenix gets new life by arising from the ashes of its ancestor. But there are a few versions where this mythical bird expires. According to some myths, the phoenix could live over more than a thousand years before its rebirth.


Why is Atlanta represented as a symbol called the Phoenix?

Atlanta is represented as a symbol of the mythological Egyptian bird called the Phoenix. Here is why!?

A historic fire incident that was purposely set to destroy the city justifies the symbol. Atlanta, like the Phoenix, rose from the ashes to become a powerful city.

Atlanta rose from the ashes

Atlanta is all about return, renewal and rebirth just like its symbol – The Phoenix. Although most people know that the city burned during the Civil War, few of even her own present citizens are aware that the city suffered another shocking fire incident in 1917. So Atlanta has factually risen from the ashes not once, but twice.

No wonder that the legendary phoenix was adopted as a symbol for the expanding city. Established as a railroad hub, the city suffered through the Civil War, led the way during the civil rights movement, became a transportation phenomenon, and rose to greatness.

Unfortunately, until recently, the powers that be and the citizenry placed too little value on preservation, and much significant historic architecture was lost. Today, saving historical buildings is still a challenge.

Although the Fraklin Garrett – Former official historian once said –

“In Atlanta, there’s nothing they wouldn’t tear down to make a parking lot. The only thing in the Atlanta area that never has been moved is Stone Mountain.”

Most of the stunning buildings in today’s intense, breath taking and beautiful skyline are less than thirty years old. Therefore, despite the city’s antebellum roots, Atlanta looks and feels vibrant and lively and is constantly reinventing and modernizing itself.

There’s a reason why students of University of Atlanta feel privileged to be a part of such a great city and studying in the university which had a strong historical back ground. Like Atlanta our motto is to “never give up” get up and never let anything come in your way.

Live your life, follow your passions and achieve your dreams. Explore! Educate! Evolve!

Distance Learning Benefits – 10 Great Reasons to Study Online

Online education is rapidly growing and today more and more working adults are opting for distance learning and are receiving their education online. People usually don’t think twice anymore before they enroll in online education courses primarily because nowadays everybody’s doing it and these online education courses are offered from credible and accredited universities. There has been a lot of buzz about all the benefits of studying online and it is time to find out why:

Benefits of Online Education

  1. Flexibility:

Flexibility is number one on the list. These days people have so much to do that they do not have the time nor the energy to study in a full time academic program at a physical campus. A working adult may have wife, kids, extended family to visit on weekends, and now education too for which time needs to be spared but with distance learning programs you can study at your own specified time and at your own pace.

  1. Networking:

When you enroll for an online program, the university may be in a different city than your current city. Same would be the case with your classmates. With distance learning you get a chance to extend your social and academic network.

  1. Variety of schools and programs:

A candidate opting for online education gets to choose from several online schools which may or may not be in the same city. Not only that, but there are well in demand online courses that a working individual can opt for rather than a regular 2-year or 4-year degree program.

  1. Pay less, study more:

Yes, it really is the case. Online schools usually charge a fee that is less than the traditional schools because the online schools do not have high overhead costs that involve, for example, a library fee, a pool fee, gym fee, campus maintenance, building renovation and others.

  1. Less commute:

An online program provides the benefit to study-on-desktop for all their education courses. Long hours commute to attend classes won’t be a part of the daily routine in an online class unless sometimes if there are certain sessions that need to be attended in-person, then that certain cost has to be considered.

  1. A better learning environment:

It is highly probable that an online student may come across guest lecturers from around the world along with highly qualified teachers and industry experts. Distance learning provides E-learning solutions and provides the convenience of connecting easily to the experts throughout the world. E-learning helps students to comfortably study in a library, at home or at any other quiet place.

  1. Career advancement:

Work and study go together and if the working adult is wise enough to choose just the right online course that pairs and complements his current career then the professional is certainly on the right track that allows for unprecedented growth and definite career advancement opportunities.

  1. Study at your own pace:

Distance learning students have the liberty to develop a pace that suits them the best and they are allowed to study at their own pace without any time and pressure deadlines. Study at your own pace and decide the amount of concepts to consume at a time.

  1. Course material access:

There’s easy and instant access to course material online wherever, whenever, even if the system’s hard drive fails, just download them once again.

  1. Reliable:

Distance learning is reliable, respected and trusted by individuals and organizations all around the world. According to a study, all the reputed schools are coming up with online programs to get ahead in the race of becoming a better education provider.

Today, more people are turning towards online universities and are receiving their higher education online. You too should avail this opportunity and utilize all the benefits of online education at leading online universities. Happy e-learning!

About the Author:

Rodney Solares is a University of Atlanta Master’s Degree holder and is a proud advocate of University of Atlanta. He experienced drastic changes in his career and received offers from several multinationals right after he graduated from University of Atlanta. He believes that the online Master’s degree program from University of Atlanta has taken him to new heights.