How to Make Your Job Interview Successful?

Interviewing fruitfully is probably the most important part in securing your dream internship or job. University of Atlanta came up with a few tips that would help candidates who are preparing for an interview.


Dress appropriately

This is the time while you’ll be analyzed from top to bottom, so dress up appropriately. Avoid anything which has too many patterns it might distract your interviewers. Keep it low on perfumes.

Go through your CV

Practice your answering skills; ask family member or friend to help you out. Go over how you would respond to common interview questions

Do your research

Do your research on the company, about their offices and you should know everything about their mission and vision statement. Show your interest in the services of the company.

Know yourself

Analyze your skills and know what you are capable of; an interview is an act of marketing yourself. But don’t go overboard in doing so.

Be on time

Get there a little early and avoid running late, go to visit the place you’ll be going to give this interview before.  Just in case you get confused and run late on the date of interview.

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How Successful Professionals Ace an Interview? University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Interview is the single most important point where the interviewer decides whether you are hired or not. It provides you an opportunity to really wow the interviewer so you need to be prepared to win it. Here is what successful professionals do to get the hiring manager like them on the spot. Blog (3) 1. Prove You are the Best Fit The interview is about finding the employers need and proving them that you are the best solution to their need so always go fully prepared for an interview. It is estimated that 47 percent of the candidates are rejected because they have little or no knowledge of the company and the position. Look at the company website, earning reports, learn about their business model, their products and their achievements.

2. Anticipate & Be Prepared Anticipate and prepare a list of all the questions that might be asked to you beforehand. Remember to look up the interviewer on LinkedIn as 91% of the interviewers now are viewing candidate profiles on social media. Always remember that your first impression is the key!

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression.”

3. Ask Good Questions

It is also important to ask relevant and good questions to let the interviewer know that you understand the position and want to find a match between your skills and the position requirements. You should know that you are interviewing them too and the interview is your chance to know more about the position, culture and the company. Top professionals remember to ask intriguing questions like:

  • What is the definition of success for the company?
  • How do you see this position evolving in the coming two years?
  • What will I be doing that will make my manager’s job easier?

4. Always Know the Job But the most important thing that makes professionals ace every interview is their ability to project themselves on the job. Every successful professional always had either a mental or a written plan of action for at least the first six months. They always know what they would be doing on the job and they are ready to share it with the employers. This proves to be the main differentiating point between them and every other candidate.

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