Never Say These 6 things If You Want to Be Successful

No one becomes successful overnight! There is no single secret to success but after studying the habits of several successful people. At University of Atlanta we have observed that every single successful person has an attitude that plays a big role in their success.

Never Say These 6 things If You Want to Be Successful

We have compiled a set of statements that they would never say because it would contradict with their attitude that makes them successful.

“I hate this job/company”

Successful people are seen to avoid such statements, even in times when they are surrounded by negativity. They know that negativity would slow down their success rate but they understand that where there is a problem there is a solution and instead of insulting the company successful people look to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

“I hate my boss”

Successful people know how to work with and through others so they don’t spend their time complaining about their boss. You would never find them saying that their ‘boss is an idiot’ and ‘their boss never lets them do anything’ instead they focus all their energy in providing results and resolving issues with proper negotiation to make a win-win situation out of every conflict.

It’s not fair, I deserve it more

Another important quality found in every successful person is that they never whine when a fellow colleague receives an award, promotion or an appraisal, rather they are genuinely happy about their coworker and never rant about the injustice upon their success. They know that success is never easy and it would not be gifted to them so they are always proactive, they work smart, get themselves in the light, make it obvious that there is no one else who deserves that award, promotion etc more than them. If still they are deprived then rather than making a scene they develop a strong case to let the decision makers know that they deserve it more than anyone and they have worked for it.

Not my job, not my problem!

The people who succeed help others to succeed too. Billionaire Warren Buffet once said “someone is sitting in a shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” and it is indeed right, you need to be a team player to succeed and if you are not then you can say goodbye to success.

You are doing it all wrong

It is a common practice to criticize subordinates and colleagues that they are doing it wrong, criticism though is necessary at times but it needs to be constructive. Successful people know that the feelings of the others are important for their motivation, even when they disagree with someone’s idea they say ‘your idea is interesting, do tell me how we can benefit from it’ and then say ‘okay, how about we take a different approach and let’s examine the pros and cons’.

This has always been done this way

Innovation and adaptability are the key traits of a successful person. Successful people accept new ideas, believe in change and are never afraid of trying something new. The most successful innovator of our times Steve Jobs for example always believed in the power of change and it was his passion to think different that led us to have inventions like the iPhone, iPad and most importantly Apple that have revolutionized the whole world.

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Why was Steve Jobs so Successful?

The most successful entrepreneur, innovator, leader and a true legend; Steve Jobs is surely the one to look up to when you need a road-map to success. It was Jobs who was successful in building the most valuable brand in the world and providing the world with some of the greatest innovations of all times.

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Today, Apple is one of the largest companies in the world with revenues of US$ 182 billion and with more cash reserves that the U.S. treasury itself. Jobs proved his genius and success over and over again, be it bringing a garage company Apple to compete with the tech-giants IBM or creating NeXT and Pixar after getting fired from his own company or be it coming back again at Apple to transform the music industry with iPod and iTunes or be it to change the world’s lifestyle with iPhone and iPad. Steve’s success is unquestioned and undoubted.

So what was it that made him so successful?

There are long debates on what factors led to his breakthrough success. Most say it was his personality traits like attention to detail and high standards that made him so successful, but there is more to it than just personality quirks. There are specific principles of success that can be learned.

Yes, There is a secret to his success.

It was his insatiable curiosity and maniacal razor-sharp focus that led to everything else in his life. From the very beginning, curiosity fueled him and he always remained focused to the applications of his learnings. It was his curiosity that made him take classes he liked even after dropping out of college; taking a calligraphy class that later on reflected in the varied fonts that we have today in our windows. Similarly starting NeXT in his wilderness years, later on led to NeXT becoming a core operating system for Mac and his lifelong passion for music later on becoming iTunes.


Jobs envisioned a world where technology would be simple, integrated and easily accessible, a world where it would deeply change people’s life. He had described the iPod, iPhone and the iPad nearly two decades before the world saw them. He always remained focused and never let the current world limitations hold him back.

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” -Steve Jobs

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