Student’s Guide: Time Management

Learn to manage time when studying online, and stay ahead of everyone in the class. Earning a degree online is not that challenging but being the prominent one can be slightly tough. Those students who are always top of the line everywhere, there are a few guidelines for them to retain that image. Students who want to stay on top should possess qualities such as discipline, dedication, and management.

“A good student possess some qualities which set him/her apart from everyone, whether in a traditional classroom or learning online.”

University of Atlanta Expert Faculty Member

It’s a little challenging for students to cope up with requirements online because they are not in contact with their peers or mentors in-person, and interaction is online.

“Studying online is easier, because student have the advantage to learn on his/her own pace,” says an expert on online education. He further added that, student have the freedom to manage time and concentrate because they get individual attention, which every student desires.

A recent study about online education revealed that flexibility is what attracts student the most towards studying online. From 2010-2014 enrollments in online education topped at 10 million students.

For students who have a lot going on; be it kid’s recitals to attend, an important meeting to present or parent-teacher meeting, these tips will help them stay ahead and make their life easier.


Keep a Calendar

Make your own personal calendar, and mark all the important dates on it and keep checking your syllabus. Mark time and dates for each course and commit to it.

“I set my calendar every night, usually after I  put my kids to bed. It helps me manage my work, family and education.” – said a University of Atlanta  student.

Go through your Course Every Day

The most useful thing about distance learning is that you can take your classes anywhere with access to the internet, stay up-to-date and organized with your android or tablet. All these mobile devices can help student revise and study, even if they are at their kid’s baseball game or daughter’s recitals.

“Adding learning to your daily routine eliminates the last minute pressure and being up-to-date makes them more flexible towards last minute course changes or exams.

Look Ahead

Make sure you know about your due assignments and what’s coming up next. This will prepare you with upcoming submissions and time management.

If you are someone who studies last minute or makes assignments at the eleventh hour, you need to let go of that habit. The reason being that this habit will not only make your life difficult but majorly affect your work and family.

Need Help? Ask for it!

Student often doesn’t ask for help, they try to figure it out on their own, this habit might waste a lot of your time, don’t stay silent. Seek help if you have to and ensure that you are not wasting your time in doing something when you are headed in the wrong direction.

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Learn the Trick That 70% of Professionals Do To Stay on Track

As a manager or a lead for a new project, it is highly likely that you would be pulled into different directions and you would lose the track of time. It is a fact that 70 percent of the business and professionals have learned to keep things on track by mastering their time.


You too need to keep your plans on the track by learning better ways to manage your workload. The following tricks will help you to schedule your time effectively:

  1. Get started by recording all your activities, conversations and actions for a week. This will help you understand where all your precious time is going and what more could have been done by avoiding unproductive activities.
  2. To-do list is a great way in keeping up with what needs to be done now but keeping an appointment book is better. Schedule appointments with yourself specifying the appointment start and end time as well as the appointment priority.
  3. Set aside 50% of your time engaged in the most important thoughts, activities and discussions that drive your results.
  4. Interruptions are unavoidable so always plan ahead for interruptions and keep enough time aside knowing you will get pulled away from your work.
  5. Take the starting 30 minutes of your each day to plan your day. Don’t begin your day until you have finished your day plan. The most critical time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.
  6. Take a few minutes before any call, conversation or activity to think what you want to achieve out of it. After every activity take a few minutes to reflect on what you wanted to achieve and what you had achieved. If your desired result was not achieved why was that and what can you do to avoid this from happening the next time.
  7. Schedule time to return calls and emails. Make it your practice to stop picking up the phone or replying to emails just because it is ringing or just because they keep turning up in your inbox.
  8. Start to put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you have to get work done right away.
  9. Don’t use social networking sites even if it is just to check the status unless they are used to generate business.
  10. Follow the 80-20 rule that 20 percent of your efforts will generate 80 percent of the results. Know that you cannot do everything but effective time management and scheduling keeps you on the track and get things done on time and smoothly keeping everyone happy.

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