Student’s Guide: Time Management

Learn to manage time when studying online, and stay ahead of everyone in the class. Earning a degree online is not that challenging but being the prominent one can be slightly tough. Those students who are always top of the line everywhere, there are a few guidelines for them to retain that image. Students who want to stay on top should possess qualities such as discipline, dedication, and management.

“A good student possess some qualities which set him/her apart from everyone, whether in a traditional classroom or learning online.”

University of Atlanta Expert Faculty Member

It’s a little challenging for students to cope up with requirements online because they are not in contact with their peers or mentors in-person, and interaction is online.

“Studying online is easier, because student have the advantage to learn on his/her own pace,” says an expert on online education. He further added that, student have the freedom to manage time and concentrate because they get individual attention, which every student desires.

A recent study about online education revealed that flexibility is what attracts student the most towards studying online. From 2010-2014 enrollments in online education topped at 10 million students.

For students who have a lot going on; be it kid’s recitals to attend, an important meeting to present or parent-teacher meeting, these tips will help them stay ahead and make their life easier.


Keep a Calendar

Make your own personal calendar, and mark all the important dates on it and keep checking your syllabus. Mark time and dates for each course and commit to it.

“I set my calendar every night, usually after I  put my kids to bed. It helps me manage my work, family and education.” – said a University of Atlanta  student.

Go through your Course Every Day

The most useful thing about distance learning is that you can take your classes anywhere with access to the internet, stay up-to-date and organized with your android or tablet. All these mobile devices can help student revise and study, even if they are at their kid’s baseball game or daughter’s recitals.

“Adding learning to your daily routine eliminates the last minute pressure and being up-to-date makes them more flexible towards last minute course changes or exams.

Look Ahead

Make sure you know about your due assignments and what’s coming up next. This will prepare you with upcoming submissions and time management.

If you are someone who studies last minute or makes assignments at the eleventh hour, you need to let go of that habit. The reason being that this habit will not only make your life difficult but majorly affect your work and family.

Need Help? Ask for it!

Student often doesn’t ask for help, they try to figure it out on their own, this habit might waste a lot of your time, don’t stay silent. Seek help if you have to and ensure that you are not wasting your time in doing something when you are headed in the wrong direction.

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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign

Our land is our treasure and to save it from hazards is our social responsibility. We want you to make smart choices and save the mother earth. The message of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, is to eliminate problems such as global warming and deforestation. With University of Atlanta Explore, Educate and Evolve Campaign, follow these 3R’s and help create a better world.


Let’s learn how to make these three R’s work:


The best way to manage waste is to not produce it. This can be done by shopping carefully and being aware of a few guidelines:

Tips that can help you contribute.

  • Buy products in bulk, avoid over-packaged goods, especially ones packed with several materials such as foil, paper, and plastic.
  • Make sure that you always purchase durable goods – ones that are well-built or that which carry warranties.


It makes economic and environmental sense to reuse products. Sometimes it takes creativity.

  • One can save paper and plastic bags, repair broken appliances, toys and furniture.
  • Use resealable containers rather than plastic wraps. Use ceramic coffee mug instead of paper cups.


The process of recycling means to make a new product out of an old product. You can contribute by:

  • Purchase goods made from recycled material. Look for the recycling symbol or ask store managers or salesmen.
  • Check collection centers and curbside pickup services to see what they accept, and begin collecting those materials.


Learn to become environmental friendly and use tips that would save the earth. University of Atlanta Evolve, Educate and Explore campaign wants to spread the message of education and humanity this campaign is an initiative towards a better and brighter tomorrow.

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University of Atlanta Celebrates Industry and Career Week

The Industry and Career Week at University of Atlanta is a celebration of talent and knowledge and what it can do for the modern student and working individuals. Students belonging to all Schools of the University participate in the Week’s behavior and gain in terms of learning and knowledge.

University Of Atlanta

The trade and Career Week at University of Atlanta is one of the most anticipated events on the event calendar of the University. Students from all over the world make their contributions to the week and take charge of their knowledge.

The Industry and career Week is divided into two parts as the name suggests; industry and career. Each of the 16 schools of the University organizes events like workshops and activities relating to their subjects.  These events focus on learning and skill development and act as a motivator to the students to take an active part in furthering their careers.  The Industry part of the Week refers to:

  1. Review of domestic and international industry trends
  2. Analysis of the current situation of industries in the world and reasons for the present circumstances
  3. Evaluation of career and learning opportunities in these industries

The Career section of the Week involves imparting of and assessment of information about:

  1. Upcoming careers
  2. Most popular Careers
  3. Domestic and International Career trends
  4. Industry-related career Requirements

Since the two elements are closely intertwined and interdependent, the connection between the two needs to be understood by the students in order to achieve career success. The Industry and Career Week seeks to instill in the students an understanding of these connections and the effects they have on their careers. It also makes students more knowledgeable about current trends so that they may be able to make more informed decisions.

Renowned personalities belonging to various fields share their experiences and guide the students of University of Atlanta about their career choices.  The Industry and Career Week also features internship and employment opportunities for students by way of interviews with prospective recruiters.  Internal surveys carried out by the University indicate that students enjoy the Industry and Career Week and take lively interest in doing their part. Events like these play a significant role in the overall online education experience of the student.

About University of Atlanta

The University offers cutting-edge programs in a spectrum of highly marketable fields at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degree levels in addition to a number of specialized Certificate options. With its Flagship Campus in Atlanta, Georgia (US), the institution’s programs are available internationally, via several blended delivery modes. Such hybrid models offer maximized learning opportunities for those prepared and eager to further their education and to enhance their professional standing.

Guide for using Six Sigma in Education by University of Atlanta

It’s vital to be educated and doing your best either its general education, job education or career education. Having a renowned degree and skill in hand is an added benefit at your work place; it makes your everyday life easier and less complicated.

University of Atlanta Faculty comes up with theories from time to time to present education effectively to students who want to learn and move ahead. They adopt new styles, resources and techniques and one of the most popular techniques which are used for teaching is the six sigma approach.

Being the pioneer in online Education University of Atlanta keeps new research and technology in mind. Six Sigma techniques is most effective technique to educate employees. It works by improving management skills and reducing wastes which would eventually result in increased productivity. The basic motive is to have a better product more quickly to more customers.

Six Sigma is a tool which is gaining popularity benefiting managers and everyone else involved, It is helping the world of education from teachers to workforce.

Six sigma training has to be determined, the rule of DMAIC which is define, measure, analyze, improve and control. It is used to manage upper level employees. Different and innovative techniques make teaching interesting for the ones who provide education.

Using the Six sigma methodology is a series of educational levels. Those who participate start at one level for an educational foundation. Then the next level of Six Sigma provides even more information throughout all the levels. The Six sigma methodology can be used for different elements. Even though business is the most used element for this technique other educational elements can be adapted. Revealing the wonders of education and teaching it to the world.

Using Six Sigma has been recognized to be most useful in education. Some students need something new and innovative in teaching style than they have experienced before. That is why it is practical and flourishing for students, teachers as well as future employers.

UoFA Career Faculty always seeks for the betterment of their student and incorporating such techniques can not only benefit students but also the ones teaching online course, UoFA Course are known to be most innovative and interesting among all the courses offered online.