Excuses Most People Make That Stop Them from Reaching Their Dreams

Have you ever said or done something that stopped and discouraged you from taking action toward your goals?

Reasons and undesirable self-talk are common problems and are what usually stops most of us from achieving our dreams. But they aren’t deceptive until we become aware of them. And it’s not until you become responsive of them that you can start to begin changing them to help you move forward.

Here are 12 of the most common explanations people use that stop them from reaching their dreams:


  1. I’m too old to start.

As long as you’re still living and breathing, you still have all the resources to turn your life around. All it takes is determination and desire.

  1. I’m not talented enough.

Talent alone isn’t enough to be truly prosperous. It might help you progress faster, but ultimately, all it requires is hard work and dedication to improving.

  1. I’m not smart enough.

Don’t despair if you feel you lack the knowledge to pursue your goals. There is a good reason why you lack the knowledge—you’re just starting! The key to learning is to start from somewhere and make progress.

  1. I don’t have the support.

While having the support is beneficial, it will not be the reason for your success and is simply ideal for getting you through hard times. The biggest things that matter in your journey toward success and achievement is your drive and motivation.

  1. I don’t have enough time to discover what I like.

If you sit down and make a list of all the things you do in a typical day, you’ll begin to realize that you actually have enough time. Figure out what is wasting your time, and replace it with the things that will get you to your goals.

  1. I don’t know if I will succeed.

The greatest mystery about life is in not knowing what’s going to happen. Sometimes, your journey will take you on roads you never thought existed.

  1. I’m just not lucky enough.

All of us are lucky all of the time. The difference is, you just don’t see the opportunities presented to you due to lack of preparation. Focus on preparing yourself for them, so when an opportunity comes, you naturally will become luckier.

  1. I’m not destined to succeed.

Everything that ultimately happens in your life is all due, in part, to the decisions you make. If that’s your current belief about yourself then, chances are, you’re right.

  1. I’m not motivated enough.

If you lack the drive to do whatever it is you hope to do, there’s a chance you don’t want it badly enough or see it as something you really want.

  1. I’m not educated enough.

Education isn’t necessarily something you have to learn at school. You can never have enough education to get started. If you’re unsure, just take action anyway and learn along the way. Experience always will be the best educator.

  1. I can’t handle failure.

If that’s your belief, then it’s a lie. We are rejected every day of our lives, but we fail to see the rejections because we don’t choose to acknowledge them. Learn to detach yourself from outcomes and to see the process as journey of self-discovery.

  1. I will start tomorrow.

There is no such as a future, only the present. If you genuinely have the time to do something now, then use the opportunity and go and do it. You will feel a lot more energized and motivated, knowing you’ve pushed yourself and made progress.

Now, stop making excuses that keep you from reaching your dreams. Go forth and prosper!University of Atlanta makes sure all their students are prominent and respectable addition in the corporate environment and before entering the real world they are very well aware of the importance of communication. These tips will help fresh graduates and people who are already working in the corporate atmosphere. To stay connected and learn more follow us on Facebook , Google plus , Pinterest and Twitter


Never Say These 6 things If You Want to Be Successful

No one becomes successful overnight! There is no single secret to success but after studying the habits of several successful people. At University of Atlanta we have observed that every single successful person has an attitude that plays a big role in their success.

Never Say These 6 things If You Want to Be Successful

We have compiled a set of statements that they would never say because it would contradict with their attitude that makes them successful.

“I hate this job/company”

Successful people are seen to avoid such statements, even in times when they are surrounded by negativity. They know that negativity would slow down their success rate but they understand that where there is a problem there is a solution and instead of insulting the company successful people look to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

“I hate my boss”

Successful people know how to work with and through others so they don’t spend their time complaining about their boss. You would never find them saying that their ‘boss is an idiot’ and ‘their boss never lets them do anything’ instead they focus all their energy in providing results and resolving issues with proper negotiation to make a win-win situation out of every conflict.

It’s not fair, I deserve it more

Another important quality found in every successful person is that they never whine when a fellow colleague receives an award, promotion or an appraisal, rather they are genuinely happy about their coworker and never rant about the injustice upon their success. They know that success is never easy and it would not be gifted to them so they are always proactive, they work smart, get themselves in the light, make it obvious that there is no one else who deserves that award, promotion etc more than them. If still they are deprived then rather than making a scene they develop a strong case to let the decision makers know that they deserve it more than anyone and they have worked for it.

Not my job, not my problem!

The people who succeed help others to succeed too. Billionaire Warren Buffet once said “someone is sitting in a shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” and it is indeed right, you need to be a team player to succeed and if you are not then you can say goodbye to success.

You are doing it all wrong

It is a common practice to criticize subordinates and colleagues that they are doing it wrong, criticism though is necessary at times but it needs to be constructive. Successful people know that the feelings of the others are important for their motivation, even when they disagree with someone’s idea they say ‘your idea is interesting, do tell me how we can benefit from it’ and then say ‘okay, how about we take a different approach and let’s examine the pros and cons’.

This has always been done this way

Innovation and adaptability are the key traits of a successful person. Successful people accept new ideas, believe in change and are never afraid of trying something new. The most successful innovator of our times Steve Jobs for example always believed in the power of change and it was his passion to think different that led us to have inventions like the iPhone, iPad and most importantly Apple that have revolutionized the whole world.

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We at the University of Atlanta advise you that to be successful you should stop complaining and should do something about the problems you are facing. Follow us on Facebook , GooglePlusPinterest and Twitter to get more interesting reads on career, success and more.

Does Being Rich Make You Successful?

If you are asked a simple question, as simple as this that what would you like more, to be ‘rich’ or  ‘successful’, what would your answer be?  Well, many would answer rich but smarter ones would answer that they would like to be successful.

Does Being Rich Makes You Successful?

So what is success? At University of Atlanta, we interviewed several students and found out that to most of them success is a measure of money, how much money you have and how much money you make, makes you successful. But if this is true then there would not be a single person who can truly be called successful, not even Bill Gates with a net-worth of US$ 79.6 billion (January 2015).

Similarly, investment and hedge fund analysts are known to make millions, which makes them really rich but being successful is a different ball-game. If money was the measure, they’ll have to keep on winning every year and keep on being on the number one position but you can’t always be the top dog in the league.

We at the University of Atlanta believe that success is getting pleasure in what you do and what you have achieved. It is not necessary that you have to have a net worth of $10 billion or more to be called successful as you may be a billionaire but if you have been miserable earning that money by working on a job that makes you ache then you should stop doing that and figure out what you want to do the rest of your life.

Although money is necessary in dealing with the world but the important thing is earning it by doing what you love. When you love what you do, you will not only be happy about your work, but you will be more dedicated and passionate about it, you will excel in your work because you will enjoy doing it and as a result success is inevitable. To get more interesting reads follow us on FacebookGooglePlusPinterest and Twitter.

Research Says Being Disorganized Makes You Smarter

There is a huge pile of paper on your desk, not to mention the paperwork stacked in the drawers, some are also hidden under your desk and you don’t know what to do with them. Well, you are ‘messy’ and you shouldn’t have any shame in calling yourself ‘disorganized’.


For years we kept hearing that being organized keeps you productive but a recent research has revealed that being disorganized too can go to your benefit as the research says that being disorganized can really be a predictor of your smartness. The research was conducted by a neuroscientist named Robert Thatcher who conducted a series of experiments that concluded that the more disorganized you are, the smarter your brain is.

Thatcher says that creativity is a result of several ideas combining or crashing together to produce breakthrough thoughts and novel associations. The more thoughts your mind has the more capacity it has to produce novel ideas by finding associations just like when you are reading more than one book at a time your brain dives into a pool of new ideas and keeps on developing new connections so when your mind wanders its indeed a good thing. According to Thatcher, this process occurs more in a disorganized brain so when your brain remains in a messy and disorganized state you are likely to be more creative and smart.

Many new successful and creative projects are just the result of the creator’s mind wandering at an unexpected time in an unexpected direction and then the idea just hits them. Though you still need to be organized but being rigidly system-oriented makes you perform in an expected way and your brain is likely to become dull and process oriented.

We at the University of Atlanta want you to inject a little bit of disorder and mismanagement in your daily life, let your mind wander a little, go out for an unexpected walk, develop multiple hobbies, borrow ideas, let other use your thoughts and ideas for once to get unplanned success. Join the University of Atlanta network on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus and Pinterest to keep getting useful updates and stay connected.

Bill Gates Teaches You How to Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiation is said to be a journey into the unknown as the negotiators do not know how it’s going to turn out for them with certainty. It is impossible for you to read mind of the other person and this leads to increased uncertainty while negotiating. Considering the importance of the role negotiation plays in the success of your career and life, University of Atlanta has taken inspiration from the one who is widely known as one of the best in the world to get things done. Yes! Bill Gates is going to be your let you know about the secrets to negotiation success.


Listen more than you speak

The most important thing when you are negotiating is to listen, listen and then give your perspective without getting emotionally charged at the other person. Gates is an excellent listener and years ago he was locked in the toughest negotiating encounters he had to ever face with Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs when Jobs has claimed that Microsoft Windows was a complete copy of the operating system that Apple was using at that time, though even the Apple’s operating system in reality was actually liberally borrowed by Apple from Xerox.

Gates went to Apple and Steve Jobs charged emotionally at Gates, but the key over here was that Gates stayed calm and listened to Jobs who kept on yelling that “you are ripping us off, I trusted you and now you are stealing from us!”  After listening to all what Jobs has to say without interrupting him, Gates calmly responded to Jobs  and said, “I think it is more like we both had this rich neighbor named ‘Xerox’, and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out you had already stolen it.”

And this was the key as he listened, remained calm and handled the situation with a response that calmed him down and later the two founders sorted things out.

Don’t let your emotions take over

Gates secret to negotiating may also be attributed to another fact that he is a little less emotional, not unemotional but rather a little less emotional as he knows that when dealing with people emotions need to be kept aside.

Anger, ego, anxiety and fear of exploitation hinder the process of an effective negotiation and the key over here is to be self-aware having a capacity to figure out quickly what triggered or what can trigger an emotional response through analyzing the other person without getting emotional on the responses. You need to be passionate but at the same time you need to control your emotions.

Negotiation forms an important part of your overall success and we at University of Atlanta believe that your preparation and reflection would be the key elements to your successful negotiation experiences. Learn more successful career lessons by following us on our social channels FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus or Pinterest.

5 Essential Career Secrets You Can Steal From Mad Men

All time American television favorite ‘Mad Men’ has entered in its final chapter. The television series widely known as one of the best television series of all time is about a prestigious New York’s ad agency at the beginning of the 1960s and is widely regarded for its writing and historical authenticity. mad men The show is set to end on May 17th forever and we at the University of Atlanta believe that there is no other television drama that portrays business acumen, career navigation, professional challenges rather the American professional life more comprehensively than Mad Men does and that’s why we have brought together these important career secrets that you can steal from it. Personal branding is the key to being recognized Brand yourself in such a way that would make everyone recognize you as an indicator of success. In the show, this is done by Don Draper who wraps up every business opportunity through his undeniable charisma, brilliant techniques, marketing reality and confidence. All these factors packaged together make the ‘Don Draper brand’ that not only big client’s like Coke and GM desire but top ad agencies look for. It would be your personal branding that would let others know the moment you walk in a room that you want business. Your confidence, sincerity and your attire play a big part in it. 440x20 Networking plays a big role in your career It’s good if you have a thousand plus connections on LinkedIn or you are out on every Saturday meeting industry personnel but what’s important is keeping in mind that the next person you are about to meet is always as important as your first and that’s the key to networking. Mad Men has shown some great networking ideas including when Draper got hired at the agency after he met Sterling, engineering a daytime bender and came up to him the next day and convinced Sterling that he had offered Don a job but he was too drunk to remember doing that. Similarly Roger Sterling used a fling with an airline stewardess to tip him about the executives that were flying to New York looking for ad agencies and he got on the same plane, befriended them and won their business. For effective networking, you need to be ready to do everything to build rapport and keep people happy in your presence. University of Atlanta Working Hard may not always get you noticed Working hard is crucial but sometimes only your hard work may not get you the attention and reward that you desired but being consistent with a can-do attitude can finally get you what you want. Peggy Olsen, had to wait a long time for her efforts to pay off as she had to break a boys only club at the work place, her perseverance, love for the job and never taking no for an answer eventually paid off as she got the role she loved surpassing several others in her league. University of Atlanta Romance and office just can’t go along Over the seven seasons we have seen write a lot of office romance in this TV series be it Pete and Peggy, Joan and Roger, Don and Megan or any other, though these office romances make a great television show but in real life they turn ugly pretty quickly and it doesn’t take long for things to get complicated. It is perfectly fine to go out with a fellow co-worker but you need to keep it out of the working hours or your credibility and professionalism would be at risk. University of Atlanta Perception is as important as reality itself Mad Men reveals one of the greatest marketing laws of all that is marketing is largely about managing perception. Well, this is not just limited to marketing as your career too is all about what other perceive of you and largely depends upon you managing your perception. The commercial that Don Draper came up with showing a farmer’s wife spreading margarine on her toast rather than her home made dairy cow fresh butter reveals a fine point that people will believe what you tell them and their perception would turn into a reality. University of Atlanta You can tell us what career lessons you have learned from Mad Men on either of our social channels Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest.

Guide to Improve Your Communication Skills

People do not realize the importance of communication skills and as a result they do not communicate properly. The inability to interact effectively can impact tremendously on your lifestyle and how you communicate with your employees and colleagues may have a negative effect on your working experience.

It is very much possible to improve your interpersonal skills. And in a very small period of time your improvement will show, with adequate practice and urge to learn no one can stop you from becoming an expert. In marketing, it is very important to be verbally active when trying to deliver you a message. Expert faculty members of University of Atlanta Master’s Degree Program in Marketing and Management believe it is one skill which can make or break an individual’s persona.


There are a few points which can improve your skills exceptionally; practicing them will enhance interpersonal skills.

Be specific when giving out any information

Your emails should be replied and phone calls should be answered the very same day. If you are not active with responses, it will give a very negative impact, and you’ll come out as lazy and inactive don’t make it a habit to lock information.

Behave adequately and listen to everyone

Since people at your workplace have been selected after much consideration you should learn to do justice to their qualification and listen to their valuable suggestions. No matter how worthy and practical your opinion is but hearing to others patiently reflects your personality.

Make it a habit to speak professionally at workplace

Usage of causal language should be used to the absolute minimum. Try to use simple and easy words. In case of misunderstanding clear it up with your coworkers accordingly. Keep away from any foul language it gives out a bad image.

Focus on your hand movements and gestures while communicating

Make sure that you don’t give out any messages that can be taken in a wrong context. The person you are talking to is paying attention to what you are talking about it is important to sync your body language.

Be polite and don’t show aggression

In case of a conflict at work, make sure you don’t shoot an email or make a phone call which you may regret later. Stay calm and think before making a move.

University of Atlanta makes sure all their students are prominent and respectable addition in the corporate environment and before entering the real world they are very well aware of the importance of communication. These tips will help fresh graduates and people who are already working in the corporate atmosphere. To stay connected and learn more follow us on Facebook , Google plus , Pinterest and Twitter

These 3 Life-Changing Lessons Will Make You Happier

We think we know what make us happy, but we often are wrong. Happiness is a choice and we can all be happy if we want to be or more importantly if we know how to be happy.

University of Atlanta

The University of Atlanta has collected thoughts and information from several happiness experts, researchers and psychologists about what makes people happy and we have prepared the following life-changing lessons through which all of us can be happy and live a fulfilling life.

What pleases all may not make you happy

Everyone is different and what makes everyone happy may not bring you happiness. You need to realize this and should stop looking up to everyone for your happiness. You need to embrace the concept of human diversity and find your own thing that makes you happy. Keep looking and you will find your true way to happiness.

Being grateful will make you happy

Most of the time, it is expected that once people are happy that happiness makes them grateful but in reality it is the other way around. Being grateful for what you have will make you happy and how can you be grateful? You can be grateful for all the gifts that you have in your life. For example you have access to the life’s most basic need i.e. clean drinking water, whereas according to the United Nations 783 million people around the world don’t have that, so be grateful you are not one of them.

University of Atlanta

Money, Fame and Success are not tied to happiness

You should stop running blindly after money, fame and success to be happy as psychologists have proved that we humans have a defense mechanism installed in our brains that make us happy with the lives we have, whether we are rich, famous, successful or not. You will not be miserable if you didn’t get what you wanted or if the things didn’t go according to plan because we have the capacity to manufacture the one thing that we constantly chase throughout our lives and that’s happiness.

At the University of Atlanta, we believe that happiness is a matter of choice and only you can make yourself happy. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus , Pinterest and Twitter to find more interesting reads.

Read This before you make a Donation to the Victims of Nepal Earthquake – University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

This is the right time if you have been thinking of making a donation to help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. The University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign has put together the following important things that you need to do before making a donation to the Nepal Earthquake victims.

The spokesperson from the Center of Global Development has said that the victims of the Nepal Earthquake need your help right now as the first few weeks are the best time to make a donation. The aid that reaches the victims in the first few weeks is life-saving in nature since the local aid capacity at this time is near to zero.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve

It is a common practice that after every disaster there are a sheer number of organizations that come around asking for charity, but you need to select the right organization so that your donation reaches the victims. Here is what you need to do!

First of all you need to look at the organizations web presence. Check if it has a designated web page for Nepal Earthquake, check if there is some information available online about their previous relief campaigns and if the organization is allowed to spend money for the Nepal victims.

You also need to ensure that the organization you are making a donation to has a presence in Nepal and it is preferable that the organization has a ground presence along with good relations with the government and community as well as it should have some prior experience of disaster relief management.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve

If you are still confused you can pick out any organization from this list originally published by the New York Times about the groups that are seeking donations for relief efforts in Nepal:

  •  American Jewish World Service
  • AmeriCares
  • The Salvation Army
  • International Medical Corps
  • Handicap International
  • Unicef
  • PayPal
  • Mercy Corps
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Habitat for Humanity International
  • Global Giving
  • The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  • Oxfam
  • World Vision
  • Red Cross
  • United Nations World Food Program
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • CARE
  • Save the Children
  • Lutheran World Relief
  • The Jewish Federations of North America
  • SOS: Children’s Villages International
  • MAP International
  • International Relief Teams
  • Project Concern International
  • Operation Blessing International

Moreover, It is advised that you avoid making any direct payments to personal bank account numbers and always ask questions if there is not enough information available on the organization’s website because it is your right to know where your money is going, how it is going to be spent and whether it is reaching the victims or not.

Lastly, we will advise you to be patient as the situation in Nepal is quite chaotic. On media it may feel like nothing is being done but it doesn’t mean that donations are not reaching the victims because the destruction is massive and it will take years not months to have things come close to normal.

The University of Atlanta wants you to keep these things in mind before making a donation to help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. You can follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus , Pinterest and Twitter to stay updated.

Saving the Earth with Solar Energy

On this 45th Earth Day, we are facing severe climatic changes which have exposed our economy, health, safety as well as the safety of our future generations to a great risk. Our planet is suffering from our own neglect and with every passing year the condition is becoming severe.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Since the very first Earth Day in 1970, the United States has been making consistent efforts to improve the climatic conditions of our planet which have resulted in the implementation of several much needed environmental legislations.

Today on this 45th Earth Day, we can say that we have found better and more efficient sources of energy, but we still have a long way to go. Scientists are now focusing on environment-friendly energy sources and they believe that solar powered energy is one of them. Solar energy is not only an efficient alternative to other carbon-emitting energy sources but it is a source to provide clean energy consistently. Top scientists and researchers believe that the use of solar powered energy can play an instrumental role in protecting our planet’s environment.

Solar energy is obtained from the radiation from the sun. It is used to generate electricity with the help of solar panels and is an emission-free energy source which is being used to replace other high carbon-emitting energy sources.

University of Atlanta Explore, Educate & Evolve Campaign

Solar powered energy has made much progress in America as a new solar panel is installed 2.5 minute of every passing hour according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). With each new installation clean and carbon-free energy is produced which is direly needed by our planet’s environment.

There was no concept of solar powered energy on the first Earth Day but today on this 45th Earth Day, the solar energy produced in America only is powering 4 million homes and this number is expected to double by the end of 2016.

Moreover, if the progress continues the solar energy produced by the end of 2016 would be equivalent to removing approximately 10 million carbon emitting vehicles from the roads of United States or shutting down 10 coal powered energy plants that are today’s number one source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States.

The solar powered energy has huge potential and we at the University of Atlanta strongly believe that this source of energy will be instrumental in providing clean and emission-free energy in the future.